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how to add music to google slides

    Google Slides provides users with a highly versatile and free tool to create impressive presentations. But the simple slide may not hold the attention of your viewers effectively.

    Incorporating music into the Google Slides presentation will undoubtedly enhance the experience for your viewers. The narration of a voiceover, music, and sound effects could all be incorporated into your presentation’s audio.

    Unfortunately, Google Slides does not offer audio recording capabilities. However, the best part is that adding music to Google Slides is simple. What is the best way to add music on Google Slides?

    Do not be concerned; It’s easier than you think. Learn how to edit and add audio or music on Google Slides.

    What is the best time to add audio-related content?

    Music is a fantastic option to bring your recording to life and engage your audience with the message. According to research conducted by researchers at the University of Groningen, the music we hear affects our mood and can change our vision. It is suggested that the proper music selection helps viewers engage and understand a presentation’s message.

    If you plan to create an online video for viewers to enjoy on their schedule or upload to your site, recording a voiceover could be a great option. The presence of a presenter is crucial to effectively conveying the message of a presentation without a need for a presenter; users shouldn’t be forced to depend on only text displayed on the screens. The use of a voiceover in your presentation will have advantages in terms of bringing viewers as well as breaking up boredom as well as increasing retention. There are a lot of great sources for writing captivating video scripts to read before making your voiceover!

    How to Add Audio to Google Slides

    Google Slides has developed its reputation as a highly productive tool for editing and creating slides. Compared with desktop programs like PowerPoint, Google Slides have displayed impressive and flexible features that allow users to use it for work without installing it on a personal computer. The addition of different audio as well as other media files has been viewed as an effective and profitable option. This article will explain how to add audio files to Google Slides in detail.

    Add a hyperlink to a service for music.

    The idea is to include an external link in the presentation that will redirect to an audio file, to which you are granted the right.

    To explain this technique, I’ll use SoundCloud because it permits users to upload audio tracks that we previously downloaded on platforms like Epidemic Sound or Audiojungle.

    Given the nature of SoundCloud and the necessity to connect to the Internet throughout, the presentation becomes clear.

    Let’s examine the five steps to add audio through music services.

    1. Open your presentation

    The first step is to open the folder where we keep our Google Slides document. Music google slides

    The process of incorporating music into the presentation could be the final action to take.

    So, the slides have been prepared with all the necessary information and are ready for the audience.

    After opening our Google PowerPoint, we must choose which slide to place the audio on.

    In this case, as we discussed on the slide that started it, We will choose the first option.

    1. Choose the track that you want to hear.

    The next thing to choose is the background music we wish to hear.

    For this, it is necessary to go on the Internet and find the service we would like to use for the audio.

    In this case, we have said that we will use SoundCloud to go to the URL

    In this guide, the assumption is you already have an account set up in SoundCloud. If that isn’t the case, and you wish to continue with this process, stop reading and create your account now.
    You can log into our account and upload the audio file when we are on the Internet.

    To access this feature, select the upper right on the left of the name on our profile in the area that says ‘Upload’ (in the following picture is ‘Subir’ since it’s in Spanish).

    When you upload your content, you share the upload privately, just as you do in the picture above.

    This way, it restricts access to other users can have access to audio tracks. For more details about this, refer to his blog post on private sharing.

    After the audio is downloaded, you can select it and then select the “Share” button.

    The same window as the one shown below will pop up.

    You must then copy the above link and paste it later.

    It is, however, strongly recommended to keep the opening open.

    1. Add a graphic or photograph

    To insert the hyperlink of our audio track and to recreate it within the presentation, it’s first essential to connect this link to an image component on the Google slide.

    If an image or graphic is absent within the slide, it must be added.

    This example uses an icon that we downloaded via the GraphicRiver website. You can do this on other websites, like Flaticon.

    To accomplish this, return to the slide and select Add > Picture.

    After you have done this, a window will pop up to include the picture.

    Click on the link ‘Hide an image to upload.’ In this case, the file browser will allow us to look for the file.

    A more straightforward method is to move the image onto the frame. It will then be automatically placed on the slide in the manner you can see in the following:

    The possibility of changing the size of an image by moving the blue border that surrounds the image.

    When we’ve got the design we like, Once we are satisfied, we can move on to the next step.

    1. Include the audio link

    Do you recall the URL we copied onto the clipboard after Step 2?

    Now is the ideal time to utilize it.

    If, at this point, you didn’t copy the presentation, you need for you to return to step 2 to duplicate it and go back to the slide.

    When you’re done after that, you can select the image you previously inserted and then, when you right-click on it, click Insert and then Link.

    Then, we can paste the URL of our audio track uploaded to SoundCloud.

    All you need to do is select ‘Apply,’ The audio is already placed in the picture.

    Please note that in the similar way you placed the audio into your image file, you may add it to the text using the exact procedures.

    1. Include the song in the show

    First, select the area labeled’ Present’ for the music to play when you present.

    The button to the far right-hand corner is used to begin the program.

    When pressed, the display is set to ‘full-screen” mode.

    After that, please select the image in which we have added the URL to the music. A new tab will appear within our browser with a SoundCloud page.

    You will need to click the Play icon on the track to play.

    YouTube Video

    Before the “Insert Audio” option was introduced, linking the slide to the YouTube video was a method for inserting music in the fall. This remains a feasible technique for those with plans for a movie who do not need to take on the hassle of creating an audio file that they can transfer onto Google Drive. This method is the following:

    Choose a YouTube video you would like to play. Open it on your web browser.

    Navigate to Google Slide and open the file you want to include the audio. You can also create an entirely new one by clicking “Add Blank.”

    Select “Insert” at the top of the menu.

    Select “Video” in the drop-down option.

    Start the tab for YouTube and take the URL of the video. The URL will appear at the address bar on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

    Go back to Google Slides. Click on the Google Slides tab and click on “By URL” in the pop-up window.

    Input URL address. URL address.

    You can also use the search bar located to the left on the YouTube icon under “Search” to search for the video you prefer to play. In addition, if you’ve got videos on your Google Drive that you wish to utilize, select”Search” instead. Google Drive option instead.

    Click “Select” in the lower left corner.

    The dimensions of the video by pressing and dragging around the corners. It can alter its location by dragging and clicking when your mouse turns to white crosshairs.

    The video plays in the course of the video. If you want only the audio and the image, consider making it as compact as possible to block the playback.

    Engaging Vibe

    The right background music or sound will help your presentation create a more stimulating feel and emphasize the overall atmosphere. In the case of, say, you’re giving a presentation on holiday discount ideas, it is possible to incorporate some festive music that will make the viewers feel festive and remain in the presenter’s presence.


    If you follow the 3 methods mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you’ll know how to integrate music in Google Slides with music files, YouTube videos or share links to the songs. Pick one according to your requirements.

    For example, if you would like Google Slides to play, or loop, the background music of your presentation, You should include music files in Google Slides.

    In addition, if you don’t have any music on your personal computer, you may download it off the Internet using a music downloader. You can also add a video to Google Slides. Google Slides can play automatically; however, it does not support looping the music track.

    Sharelink also offers a way to stream music onto your Slides. However, it requires an internet player.

    Be sure to choose good background music, as it’s the most critical aspect of an effective presentation. Have fun with your presentation!

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