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How Scheduling Can Help Your Mental Health

    Whenever we hear the term schedule, we already lose motivation. For some people, scheduling is the most difficult task. It takes away their freedom and restricts them in a grid.

    But, the question remains. 

    Is scheduling really that difficult?

    It will get difficult if you only have difficult and exhausting tasks in your routine. For example, from 7-12, you are the most energetic, so this is the time you get all your mental work done.

    Then you begin with your physical time, and as night dawns in, you do more relaxing work like cooking a good meal or doing the laundry while catching up on some reading.

    This is how you create a holistic routine!

    Why Is It Important?

    Here are some of the reasons why you need to have a routine.

    1. You Will Have Less Anxiety

    After all their diagnosis of mild to extreme anxiety, there was one cause which came up again and again. This is one of the reasons why scheduling is so important for someone with anxiety.

    Therapists even advise anxious patients to try intensive scheduling. This is where you schedule almost every hour of the day. If you try this pattern for a day, you will have less time to spare for unproductively overthinking.

    If you wish to stop and be anxious for even five minutes, you have to occupy that five minutes with some task. It doesn’t always have to be a productive task; it could be something mindful like closing your eyes and breathing in the present.

    2. You Will Have Time For Yourself

    Once you start scheduling, you will see a new change in your lifestyle. Remember how you always complained that time for self-care is very difficult with a busy work schedule? When you start a routine, you will have more hours for self-care.

    Psychologists also suggest that having a routine and sticking to it can also help you get rid of burnout. Just think about each time you came home all exhausted and stressed, Unable to do anything.

    Nothing seems to spark your interest, not even taking a relaxing bath. You just want to crash into your bed only to wake up in the morning and do the same thing again. This cannot be healthy at all!

    But, if you stick to your routine, it will be a little difficult to get up and wash your face, but soon you will start enjoying the activities.

    Burnout can also lead to bad habits like mindlessly scrolling through the internet or binging for hours because you are lethargic or do not wish to think about the stress. When you are creating a routine, ensure to leave a day for a digital detox. 

    No, you do not have to compromise on screen timing as well. If you wish to enjoy a good movie, download it for free from thenewpiratebay. This way, you can also restrict your screen timing without the internet. 

    3. You Will Have Healthier Habits

    When you have a routine, and you are actively working on it, you will find yourself wanting healthier habits in your schedule. Like if you are waking before an hour, you start working anyway, then why not add some work out to the routine?

    Then once you start working out and feel good about your body, you will add healthier habits like-

    – Eating healthy home-cooked food.

    – Trying to give up any addiction you are dealing with.

    – Sleep early so that you do not miss out on your six hours of daily sleep.

    4. Productivity Will Give You Happy Chemicals

    There is a difference between being busy and being productive. If you work all day and night, it will definitely make you a busy person, but are you productive? Productivity doesn’t just come with office or academic work.

    Plus, without a proper routine, you do not have a scheduled time to do things. This can lead to giving in to procrastination or even avoiding the task. Therefore, routine is important because it is only through the right productivity there will be the right motivation to do better.

    According to your psychophysiological functions, productivity leads to the release of serotonin and dopamine. You will have more zeal to be efficient with your work and even sleep better.

    Yes, a healthy circadian is also a result of a daily routine.

    Start Today!

    Starting a daily routine might sound very difficult right now, but when it comes to routine, many do not like the idea. Some even fail to go through with it after a week or two. Here is how you can maintain the routine.

    – Schedule your breaks and fun times as well.

    – Have something exciting to do when you wake up in the morning. This prevents you from pressing the snooze button all the time.

    – Do not overwhelm yourself the very first day.

    – Start slow, and add new habits every day.

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