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How Do You Poke Someone On Facebook App

    The ability to poke someone on Facebook is an easy and enjoyable approach to draw people’s attention. You can give them the occasional greeting or connect with them via the social media platform.

    Through time, it has become an almost nostalgic reminder of Facebook’s beginnings, but it’s still in use and can facilitate a moment of fun and laughter with acquaintances.

    In this piece this article, we’ll guide users on ways to poke people on Facebook as well as on phones and computers.

    If you’re brand new to the site or last used it some time ago, this step-by-step guide will make it simple and fun to send messages to your friends or friends’ friends.

    Before starting, It’s important to remember that whenever you message someone on Facebook, they will be sent an email notice.

    If you want to avoid having anyone poke you, you could always choose to put them off.

    Let’s begin exploring Facebook and adding some additional fun to your internet interaction!

    What is Poke on Facebook?

    A bit of humor on Facebook can be utilized to make fun of Facebook in numerous ways. The app can be used in many ways to write songs about the topic!

    It can be sent to someone as a thank you note.
    Also, poke them to test whether they’ll drive to drive them back.
    If they fail, urge them again and have them poke you around!
    But you can only make a second poke if the other person prompts.

    If you’re not willing to be irritated by someone else’s pokes, you could avoid them or even block the Poke.

    How do you poke someone on Facebook?

    It is possible to poke around. Poking is still possible on Facebook. But, this feature cannot be found on other’ Facebook profile pages. Instead, going to this page via the mobile or desktop application is necessary.

    What can you do to poke someone to poke them on the Facebook site:

    • Start your computer and launch your preferred browser.
    • Go to
    • It will show a record of the last Pokes and Suggested Pokes. In addition, you’ll be able to find Facebook contacts.
    • Press the Poke or Pocke Back button beside the person you wish to poke.

    If you’re not keen to utilize the directly linked link, use the Search Facebook field at the upper right of the website and type in Pokes. After that, click the Pokes option on the page. It will bring you back to the original page.

    How do you poke someone on Facebook by using Android as well as iOS:

    • Open the Facebook app on either your Android or iOS device.
    • Press the Search button on the right.
    • Search for Pokes.
    • Click the Pokes button, which reads, “Poke your friends and see who has poked you.”
    • It will show a record of your most recent Pokes and suggested Pokes. In addition, you’ll be able to look up Facebook contacts.
    • Press the Poke or Pocke Back button beside the person you wish to poke.

    Poke A Friend on Facebook on Mobile

    Step 1: Access the Facebook App

    Install the Facebook app from your smartphone.
    Find the search icon located in the upper right.

    Step 2: Locate “Poke”

    Within the search bar, search for “Poke” and initiate the search.

    Step 3: Use Pokes Feature

    • Choose “Pokes” from the search results.
    • This page will show people who poked you and suggestions on who you could drive.
    • You can search for their name to poke a person in particular and then hit “Poke” beside it.
    • If someone pokes you and you are angry, say, “Poke Back.”


    The ability to poke someone on Facebook is a way of attracting a person’s attention. Driving your Facebook friends or friends on a mobile or desktop is possible.

    To stop the feature’s misuse (from spying on everyone), Facebook only allows you to poke at your friend list.

    If you poke someone, you’ll be notified and can see that you’ve driven them with the application.

    If you do not want someone to be able to poke you in the app, block them or ensure that they’re not your friend or the friends of friends.


    How can you talk to an individual on Facebook that isn’t your friend?

    There’s no way to challenge someone who’s not your friend via Facebook.

    What is the length of time the Poke runs on Facebook?

    If the Poke isn’t recognized or rejected by the person being poked, it will disappear within two days.

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