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How do I delete WhatsApp backup?

    However, should you decide that you don’t require the backups of conversations you had previously made and would like to erase Whatsapp backups permanently from your Android smartphone, then you’re in the right spot.

    Have you ever thought of returning to basics using WhatsApp and removing the backups you have had in the past? Perhaps you’ve damaged your backups after your WhatsApp backup was unable to be deleted?
    I get it. Sometimes you’d like to start, but you don’t want to delete every chat manually. The best way to do this is to erase backups and install WhatsApp.

    It is up to the user to decide the motive behind deleting the Whatsapp backup. Our task is to let them know how easy it is to delete WhatsApp backup permanently from their Android phone using the file manager and Google drive. Let’s an examination…

    Are deleted WhatsApp messages gone forever?

    The messages deleted do not remain for good. WhatsApp utilizes a method known as “Redundant Storage” to store messages. This means that messages are not deleted after they are sent out; instead, they are stored in two places simultaneously. One copy is kept on the sender’s phone, and the other is held on WhatsApp’s server.

    Eliminate all WhatsApp data from Google Play

    Before erasing your WhatsApp information, it’s an excellent idea to make copies of the data you’re planning to erase. It’s impossible to predict what you’ll need to do if you decide to change your mind or require that data shortly after. So it’s an excellent backup to keep until you can say you’re going to need it.

    To delete all WhatsApp backups to Google Drive To begin, you’ll have to access Google Drive’s website. When you’re there, be sure you’re logging in using the same account you linked to your WhatsApp account. Next, click on the cog-wheel and go to Settings.
    When you’re in Setting, click”Android” and click on the Manage Apps option. When you’re inside, you’ll find a list of applications. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then look for your WhatsApp backup.
    Select the drop-down menu for Options, and then, out of the two options available, Choose Delete Hidden App Data. You’ll receive a warning message informing you of how much data will be deleted. If you’re confident that’s what you want to accomplish, go ahead and click Delete.
    It’s that simple. It. You can also delete the WhatsApp backup information from any file manager you use.

    For instance, if using Google Files, go to Internal Storage and then swipe to WhatsApp.
    Click on backups, and select the backup type you’d like to erase.

    Remove WhatsApp Backups from Google Drive

    After you have deleted the WhatsApp backups from internal Storage, now is the time to erase them from your Google drive (If you’re an iOS user, then please go through the next step to learn how to remove the WhatsApp backup on iCloud).

    Follow the steps below to erase WhatsApp backups out of Google Drive:

    Visit Google Drive using the desktop of your browser. To access Google Drive on your smartphone, you must activate Desktop Site in your browser.

    Choose Storage within the left pane of your Google Drive. Click on it. Choose Backups in the upper right corner.

    After you open the backup, locate it. Then, select the WhatsApp backup file you wish to erase.

    Click on it, then right-click and select remove. The prompt will ask whether you’d like to erase it. If yes, delete it permanently, and you will see your WhatsApp backup is removed from Google Drive. Google Drive.

    How To Delete WhatsApp Backup From iCloud

    Like Google Drive, iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service. It can back up, store, restore, and sync files over Apple devices. For example, iCloud is where the iPhone’s WhatsApp automatic backups are saved.

    Here’s how to remove your WhatsApp backup on iCloud:

    Go to settings on the iPhone and tap your name at the highest point of the display.
    Then, click iCloud on the next page to access the settings for iCloud.
    When you’re in the iCloud settings, you can tap Manage Storage.
    This is where you can alter the amount of Storage available on iCloud and see the amount of space each app uses. In the menu of apps available, click WhatsApp Messenger to access its backup to iCloud.
    Then, tap Delete Data to delete the WhatsApp backup from iCloud.
    Then, you’ll see a pop-up asking you to confirm. Tap Delete and again to verify the deletion, and you’ll be able to delete your WhatsApp backup from iCloud.

    If I remove WhatsApp Backups on Google Drive, What happens

    If you delete a WhatsApp backup on Google Drive, you cannot restore it from your current Android device or transfer it from Android to an iPhone. Additionally, the new device will not prompt to restore the backup if you’ve erased the backup on Google Drive.


    In this post, we’ve guided you through how to remove WhatsApp backups from Google Drive. Utilizing these methods, you can quickly remove WhatsApp backups on Google Drive.

    We’ve now told you all you need to know about how you can remove your WhatsApp backup in a hurry. We’ve made the steps simple to follow to swiftly erase the WhatsApp backup off your computer and the cloud.

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