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can you use multiple gift cards on amazon

    Amazon is a store that sells everything so it’s very popular to receive gift certificates for.

    But, you might be left with less money to buy everything, so you might wonder if you can link multiple cards together.

    You can buy multiple Amazon gift cards at once! There are other types of gift cards like Mastercard gift cards and Visa gift cards that can be used on the same purchase. Here’s a tip: Combine them to save every penny!

    What are Amazon gift cards?

    Amazon gift card are prepaid credits you can use to shop on You can either buy an Amazon gift certificate online, or get one in-store.

    Amazon gift cards are sent electronically to the person who purchased them. This means that, unlike gift cards with cash or physical items, the recipient doesn’t have to pick it up and wait until delivery.

    Amazon Gift Cards: Can you Add More than One Gift Card?

    The short answer is that you can. Just add the balance from your gift card(s), to the Amazon account balance and watch it grow. To cover your expenses, you can combine funds from the multiple cards once the next shopping opportunity arises.

    Amazon won’t let you use funds from multiple credit cards or debit cards to cover the cost for one purchase. After the redemption process is complete, you can’t transfer the remaining balance to another gift-card account.

    Use Your Visa Gift Cards in a Smart Way

    These are just a few of the things you need to keep in mind when you use your Visa gift card.

    Before making any purchase you need to verify the balance of your Visa gift certificate. This will let you know how much money it is that you can spend.

    The second step is to enter the correct PIN number for your Visa gift cards when you make a payment. You can usually find the PIN on your card’s back.

    Third, your Visa gift cards may incur a fee. Before using your Visa gift cards to make purchases, please check with your card provider.

    Fourth, Visa gift cards may not be accepted by all merchants. Check with the merchant prior to making a purchase.

    You can only use your Visa Gift Card for purchases. You can not use your Visa gift card to withdraw cash or make balance transfers. Visa gift card do not come with a PIN so they cannot be used for cash withdrawals from ATMs.

    Can you buy Amazon bulk gift cards?

    Giftbit lets you do that! Giftbit makes it possible to buy digital Amazon gifts cards in bulk. You can also buy Starbuck gift vouchers, Visa incentives cards, and other gift cards in bulk. This will allow your recipient to choose multiple reward options.

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