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can you use an apple watch with an android phone

    You can’t use Apple Watch with an Android phone, regardless of the OS model or manufacturer. AirPods is an Apple product that can connect to an Android phone (though with limitations in functionality). But Apple isn’t letting users of the Apple Watch connect to Android users in any way.

    Indeed, the Apple Watch is easily the most well-known brand of smartwatches around the globe. But, given Apple’s closed ecosystem, many think these stunning watches are compatible with the Android phone. A former friend of mine was asking me recently about this and was hoping to pair an Apple Watch with his Samsung. I was the first to announce the news to him.

    Can you make use of the Apple Watch with an Android phone? I’ve provided the answer in the following article. Also, I’ll give some additional details to assist you. So, let’s jump straight into it.

    What features can I expect?

    Your Apple Watch and its installed apps will likely keep themselves up-to-date via the internet; however, apps that require an iPhone could be unable to function strangely.

    It is possible to call from your phone. However, messages can take time to send. iMessage, for instance, works well with this configuration; however, standard SMS text messages (SMS) do not work; this is a significant issue because your Android device will usually require all messages to be sent as SMS texts.

    You need to be able to access an iPhone and keep your software and device current. If you’re planning to download a new app on your watch, you’ll be bound since you’ll require an iPhone to perform this task.

    What do I require to make my Apple Watch work on Android?

    To make this happen, it is going to require a few items. To begin, you’ll need an iPhone (at minimum, the iPhone 6) and a cell-based Apple Watch. It is recommended to get a cellular model to make and receive messages and phone calls without the need for the iPhone. It is also necessary to insert your SIM card into an iPhone initially and use a SIM tool to take the SIM card from your iPhone and then insert it into an Android device.

    Make sure you’re sure that your iPhone, as well as Android devices, have the same SIM card. Most modern iPhones utilize nano SIM cards, and this is the case for nearly all Android devices, too. However, certain older Android phones might make use of micro SIM cards, so be sure to verify before making a purchase.

    How do I connect the Apple Watch to an Android Phone?

    You’ll have to set up your Apple Watch and iPhone before pairing the watch with your Android device. Make sure the Apple Watch is connected to your provider’s LTE network before starting.

    After you have your Apple Watch and iPhone set up, follow these easy steps to get started:

    Shut off the iPhone, Android device, and Apple Watch.
    You can remove the SIM card from your iPhone with a tool.
    Insert your nano-SIM into the Android phone that you wish to connect to.
    Switch on the Android smartphone and join a cell network.
    You can turn off the Apple Watch.
    Your Android phone and your Apple Watch should be connected at this point.
    Follow these steps to ensure you’re Android device is linked with your Apple Watch. If you’re having issues, Try restarting both devices and starting from scratch.

    The only problem is that you can’t contact any support service for assistance since warranties will get void through the unlocking process.

    Issues with Using an Apple Watch & Android Phone

    The primary issue with using these two devices is that they can’t be connected. Since that’s the primary purpose of smartwatches, the absence of pairing capabilities and the inability to share information defeats the benefits of having both a smartphone and a smartwatch. In addition, the Apple Watch must connect to an iPhone in the initial setting procedure. If an iPhone is available to an Android handset, users won’t begin to work using Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

    With watchOS 7, Apple introduced a Family Setup feature that lets users connect the Apple Watch to someone else’s iPhone. In theory, this helps get over the initial issue of onboarding; however, it doesn’t solve the other problems, for instance, the absence of sharing data across the two gadgets. A mobile-enabled Apple Watch set up with another’s iPhone via Family Share allows the Android phone owner to utilize the Apple Watch. It’s necessarily a matter of using the watch with an Android phone. It’s more of a case of using both devices simultaneously. Android phone users will still need a better experience when both devices operate independently. Certain features and apps require an iPhone for operation or function, which can’t be achieved when using an Android phone.

    The Apple Watch and Android Experience

    I tested this at the office with an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and the Samsung Galaxy S7. I was surprised that the Apple Watch initially took quite a long to connect; it also had a somewhat fuzzy signal. But a short walk outside and a better sign led to the watch being connected quicker and with a higher quality of calls.

    I could get Siri to dial my contacts on my cell phone, as it was using the number saved on the SIM and not on the phone. The quality of calls was excellent, and the signal was strong, but I couldn’t connect to Siri to do anything other than send me a message or monitor the weather.

    Android as well as Apple Watch compatibility

    Because the Apple Watch isn’t officially compatible with Android, the only way to get it working is to go with the approach described earlier. While it’s not ideal, it will allow you to use the Apple Watch’s capabilities for health monitoring. It’s unlikely that this will be changed shortly because Apple keeps its closed ecosystem. You can test various smartwatches for Android users, but they all fail in some aspects compared to Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

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