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Can We Pretend That Airplanes in the Night SKY?

The most recent post related to this meme came made on August 5 in 2012, by Deviantart user bluedog444 from Twilight Sparkle. Mordecai is singing outside in the stars at night and singing the 2010 B.O.B track “Airplanes” lyrics. The songs are in particular:

  • Do we believe that aeroplanes that are visible in the sky as shooting stars
  • I really could use the help of a wish right now. just now, make a wish right now
  • Are we able to pretend that planes visible in the sky are shooting stars?
  • I really could use an instant wish, today, right now, wish right now.

“Can we pretend that the airplanes that are visible in night skies look as bright as shooting stars? I could really do with an idea at this moment.”

Are we able to pretend that planes visible in night skies look similar to shooting stars?

I’ve recently noticed several variations on this meme, and I believe it’s worthy of an article. It started with a strange crack ship between a My Little Pony character and Mordecai from Regular Show, using the lyrics of the song, and the meme has evolved into cracking up between different fictional characters that share the same lyrics, such as Shrek as well as Shadow The Hedgehog as well as Nagito Komaeda, and Sans.

Hayley Williams, the singer who originally sang the song, responded she didn’t understand what was going on in the video.

I don’t get it, guys

Do we pretend that Airplanes are in the night sky? The meme is exploding!

A Reddit user posted the following “Mordetwi is trending again so my friend made me do this.”

A user commented, “Can We Imagine That Airplanes Fly In The Night Sky? Humorous memes

._. Do I need some background before I laugh? Sorry Geeky, but let me search first.

Edit: Oh my god, that stupid music is a fucking sham, never again!

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