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can i use apple pay on amazon

    Amazon is a well-known and fascinating site. When you shop on Amazon, you can feel like you are in a marketplace right in front of your eyes. But, making purchases using Apple Pay may be more difficult than expected.

    Does Amazon Take Apple Pay In 2023? No!

    Many people are surprised that Amazon doesn’t make it easy to pay for purchases using Apple Pay. The process of using Apple Pay is challenging, but it is doable. In short, it’s complicated to utilize Apple Pay on your Amazon account. However, you can use it with your Apple Card. Find out more. If you’re interested in using Apple Pay on Amazon, go through the details. Make sure you know the details, support options and the options available on Amazon.

    In the end, using Apple Pay to make purchases on Amazon is feasible. Therefore, you can expect to utilize the Apple Cash card to buy Amazon products. In addition, you could use Apple Pay and buy with other credit cards of major brands.

    What is Apple Pay?

    The Apple Pay system, also called Apple Pay, enables you to use your iPhone to pay digitally.

    This function, an element of the Wallet program, is to eliminate the necessity to carry debit and credit cards.

    Like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, Apple Pay enables users to input information about their cards using their debit and credit card.

    You can use your iPhone to access an online credit card to pay for purchases at shops or online instead of digging through your purse to locate your credit card.

    You must confirm your identity using Apple Pay before beginning the transaction.

    You can use the Face ID, a fingerprint reader, or a passcode to confirm your identity.

    Apple Pay is much simpler to use in shops since all you need to do is keep your iPhone near the NFC payment terminal and wait until the confirmation screen shows.

    Can You Use Apple Pay on Amazon?

    While Amazon allows its clients and partners to utilize Apple Pay, many vendors are reluctant to enable it. The ability to use Apple Pay on Amazon will depend on the specific vendor.

    If you’re selling from a store that accepts digital wallet payment methods, like Apple Pay and Apple Pay, you’ll be allowed to use this on Amazon. If it’s not available, you’ll have to ensure you have another method of payment available before purchasing through the site.

    For Apple customers within America U.S., one of the choices is to utilize one of the Apple cards for purchases. The Apple credit card is a novel kind of credit card that Apple created with the assistance of Goldman Sachs.

    This credit card will be open to all iPhone owners with an updated version of iOS 12 and later. This is regardless of the carrier they are with.

    Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?

    No, Amazon doesn’t accept Apple Pay.

    But you can use your Apple card or another card in conjunction with payment options offered by Amazon to purchase products. However, Amazon is accepting Apple cards.

    Here’s how to use the Apple credit card through Amazon.

    How To Use Apple Card On Amazon?

    Since Amazon does not accept Apple Pay, you can only use Apple Card to shop on Amazon. Apple Card is a credit card, much like those you have, that you can use to shop on Amazon. Here’s how to use it.

    • Start your browser and go to
    • Be sure that you’re authenticated on the correct account on your Amazon account.
    • Move your mouse toward “Accounts & Lists,” which will present the different choices.
    • Choose”Your Account,” then click on the “Your Account” option from the options.
    • The process will bring you to the dashboard, where you’ll find several choices. Look for “Payment Options” and click it.
    • Then, look for your way to the “Credit or Debit Cards” section.
    • In this section, you will be able to input the information on your credit card, and after that, click “Add your card.”
    • You’ve successfully linked the Apple Card to Amazon, and you can now shop with it. If you’d like to add additional cards later, you can follow the same procedure and add them to your shopping cart.

    Why Is Apple Pay Not Accepted At Amazon?

    Amazon does not accept payments from Apple Pay because they already have their mobile app for amounts called Amazon Pay. Apple Pay and Amazon Pay are identical; both get the same credit card.

    Additionally, there’s no agreement between the two companies to allow one another’s mobile payment applications. Amazon is committed to the security of its customers’ data, which is why they don’t necessarily enable other mobile payment apps. They prefer that every transaction start and finish within their platform without redirecting the customer through an outside venue. This will help keep the information of their customers secure.

    Using Apple Pay on eBay

    This year eBay made it clear that it will start managing payments through its Marketplace platform. The company will launch this new platform to only a smaller segment of customers in the autumn. It will expand the unique experience of payments to accommodate more customers across more countries over the coming years. It anticipates that it will complete the transition from all clients to the payment system in 2021.

    Apple Pay has introduced a couple of years ago and is now accessible in stores as well as apps and websites in a variety of countries. eBay will let customers use Apple Pay for payments on the site, mobile web, and iOS apps. New features like Touch ID, Face ID and the option to use transit services in certain cities will assist in confirming and ensuring Apple Pay payments.

    eBay has been shifting towards PayPal and has recently introduced Apple Pay as a payment option on its desktop website. The company hopes this new method will improve the selling and buying experience. The aim is to make the payment process for customers.

    eBay plans to bring Apple Pay to more regions within the coming years. Beginning in the fall, users are expected to be able to pay using Apple Pay.

    Do you know if Amazon takes Apple Pay?

    There is a possibility that Amazon is a good partner for Apple Pay as a payment method. However, based on what seller you are dealing with, certain sellers may not accept it.

    How can I pay for purchases on Amazon by using Apple Pay?

    To make a purchase on Amazon with Apple Pay, select the Apple Pay option at checkout. Then, you’ll be asked to authenticate the transaction using the device you purchased it with, either your Apple phone or an Apple Card.

    Can I Use an Apple Gift Card on Amazon?

    No. You can only purchase Apple gift cards via the Apple website or at Apple Retail stores to buy Apple accessories and other products.

    You cannot use Apple gift cards at Amazon or any other site or store.

    Can I Buy an Amazon Gift Card With Apple Pay?

    It’s based on the location you’re buying the Amazon gift card.

    Some stores and services that sell Amazon gift cards accept Apple Pay, while others do not.

    Verify if the store will accept Apple Pay for Amazon gift cards before making purchases.

    You can buy the Amazon gift card with Apple Pay through the Amazon app or the Amazon website. You can sign up to your Apple Pay account as a payment method and then use it to purchase Amazon gift cards.

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