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Best Web Browsers for Your Roku Device

    The company was founded in 2008, and Roku is a well-known digital platform that lets users play media content on various internet-based platforms. When browsing, Roku only features a minimal number of functions. Although it might sound as if it’s a drawback, however, it only renders Roku more enjoyable.

    However, we may have some ideas because Roku does not come with an internal web browser to browse the Internet. But Roku provides support for entertainment and offers video streaming channels. But, the browsers available on the Roku Channel Store could be more extensive in capabilities. Without integrated browsers, it is possible to screencast on a different device.

    Does Roku Have a Web Browser?

    No. Roku has no web browser built-in. You can, however, install the Roku web browser from the Roku Channel Store. This app store has safe and compatible apps for your Roku device.

    However, a few internet browsers on Roku come with disadvantages, such as being unable to play videos on streaming websites and privacy concerns. However, it’s an excellent function that you could use, mainly when frequently using the Roku device.

    Best Web Browsers on Roku

    There are numerous options for browsers for the web in the Roku Channel Store. Below is a listing that you should consider for determining the top web browser to use on Roku. It includes both free and paid apps, So make sure you go through each review of the app and determine which one is suitable for the best for your Roku device.

    Web Video Caster

    If you want to play videos on websites, Then Web Video Caster is for the right person.

    This application/channel functions as an audio receiver, which allows you to stream videos directly via your iOS or Android mobile phone.

    Installing the mobile app to play videos right using your browser is necessary.

    This is a partial web browser like we typically think of it. However, it does allow users to access the web browser from their smartphone and stream video through it.

    Firefox via Screencast

    Firefox is a fantastic browser for any device, including smartphones, laptops, PCs, and TVs. It’s a prevalent application by Mozilla that lets you stream your video content on Roku TV. Many people love it due to the privacy and security it offers.

    Firefox is a compelling application that connects effortlessly directly to Roku devices. You only need to download it on your smartphone, sign up with your email address, and then link it with the Roku device.

    It is best if the mobile phone you use and Roku share identical WiFi connections or networks. In this way, it’s easy to locate streaming websites and play all your favorite television series, shows, and live channels, including news, sports, and much more.

    Kraus & Karnath Browser Mirror

    Its Kraus and Karnath browsers allow you to browse the Internet on Roku. Additionally, it lets you mirror more than just photo applications, videos, and photos but also shows the browsing experience from your smartphone on most Roku televisions.

    Find out how to operate a Roku browser by clicking here.

    It’s not just that the Kraus Roku browser is compatible with Roku sticks; it also comes with a latency of less than one second during our tests, games, and spreadsheets. This is why it’s one of the most efficient browsers on this list.

    Google Chrome via Screencast

    Google Chrome isn’t directly available via Roku TV.

    In addition, you could replicate it using an appropriate device, such as your smartphone or computer.

    That means you can transfer the Chrome browser onto Roku and browse at a higher resolution.

    The experience may not be as smooth as using Chrome on your computer.

    Web Video Caster

    The next one on the list of Roku web browsers is Web Video Caster. It is an excellent tool that lets you explore websites, view television, show stream live, as well as many other items. Although, unlike the other browsers offered by Roku, the one you use requires a browsing subscription. The $4.99 per month fee is to access the Roku web browser.

    No matter what subscription you have, regardless of the subscription, this browser is regarded as one of the most reliable internet browsers that work with Roku. You will enjoy a seamless and seamless streaming using this web browser.

    Emby For Roku

    The Emby Media server does provide you with content you might be searching for with an exclusive Roku web browser, such as web video casting or screen mirroring Google Chrome. Emby Media Server The Emby Media server must be installed and set up to work on Roku before you can use it.

    Emby offers a method to see your saved contacts and your history. However, some other browsers listed here don’t allow it.

    One of the main advantages of using Emby is the ability to navigate through the interface easily, watch movies, access dishes from any location, and retrieve downloaded content.

    Web Browser X

    Web Browser X was a web-based browser compatible with Roku and featured a user-friendly interface. Media elements and embedded video were not capable of playing from the.

    Poprism Web Browser

    Poprism was a web-based application that had fundamental features for Roku.


    We’ll take our guide to the best Roku web browsers to the next level with FilmRise. FilmRise is one of the top websites to stream various movies on your Roku device. The website allows users to view full films and television shows without paying a dollar.

    Additionally, FilmRise boasts a legal collection of a vast amount of constantly updated content. The content available on FilmRise falls into various genres, including horror, drama, crime film, action, romance, and biographies.


    Brave is an excellent choice among our best browsers to use with Roku, particularly for those who value the privacy of your data. Brave has been downloaded more than 100 million times via Google Play Store. Google Play Store holds a 4.6 score from over one million users. In addition, Brave offers opportunities to earn cash through their cryptocurrency token.

    What is the most reliable web browser to use with Roku?

    There are a variety of web browsers offered to Roku, such as Web Video Caster, Xfinity, and Web Browser X. Your choice is based on your preferences and needs.

    Do I have to use an Internet browser with Roku TV?

    Using an internet browser with Roku TV is possible by installing a compatible browser application available from the Roku Channel Store. It will allow users to access the Internet directly from the TV’s display.

    Does anyone have a free internet browser that works with Roku?

    Yes, web browsers that are free alternatives are accessible for Roku, like web browser X. Web Browser X, which lets you browse online without costs.

    Which channels are available on Roku?

    You have access to additional channels, apps, streaming services, and channels through Roku, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Spectrum TV, Tubi, and more.

    Is Roku Free?

    Obviously, Yes. In essence, Roku is entirely cost-free. Furthermore, you can use Roku with the help of your Streaming Service packages while streaming your content. By linking to the Roku Stick with your respective TV, you can watch the entire content you love at no cost to this Roku device.


    These are the most popular web browsers on Roku, which let you browse the Internet using Roku TV. Roku TV. Tell us what is your most efficient browser for Roku in the list above. You are welcome to leave a message in the comment box!

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