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Best 20 win challenge deck clash royale

    This is a highly consistent deck, and I believe it will be very effective in the 20-win challenge; therefore, why not begin playing it and get excellent practice. There are plenty of spell bait and zap cards that allow you to punish your opponent after pulling in their spell. Flying machine and Lumber Jack are your most essential defense cards. You can use them to counter-push whenever possible.

    In the battle against beat-down decks, it is common to trade towers before a three crown rush when you double elixir early in the game. Beware of lanes that have their splash units. However, an appropriately timed cloned spell and a good positioning of cards can overwhelm their defense units. Make sure you get a good clone value but be careful not to get too greedy. If you are aware that your opponent is running low on elixir is the ideal moment to do this.

    Clash Royale Best 20 Win Challenge Decks

    Morten suggested the deck that was first introduced on YouTube Morten, one of the top players on the planet.

    PEKKA Bridge Spam Deck

    If you’re looking for an established and trustworthy deck to play the 20 Win Challenge, the PEKKA Bridge Spam deck is the best choice. The deck comprises Battle Ram, Fireball, Electro Wizard, Zap, PEKKA, Royal Ghost, Bandit, and Magic Archer is what is needed for this deck.

    The First 20-Win Deck is Graveyard Bowler.

    A player named Fforte was the very first to score 20 wins during the 2021 challenge. They played a deck that comprises Bowler, Electro Wizard, Freeze, Graveyard, Inferno Dragon, Lightning, Tornado, and Valkyrie. The deck will not give you 20 wins, but at least you’ll know that it’s at the top of all highs during the event!

    Electric Giant Archer Queen Deck

    It is a trendy choice right now; it could be very likely to win on the ladder as it has been to other competitors. It will require Archer Queen, Dark Prince, Electric Giant, Goblin Cage, Lightning, Mother Witch, Skeletons, and Tornado.

    Golden Knight Miner Deck

    Morten’s top deck. If it seems like something you will enjoy, consider giving it a go. The decklist contains Golden Knight, Mega Minion, Miner, Poison, Royal Delivery, Skeletons, Tesla, and The Log!

    Royal Hogs Golden Knight Deck

    Its Royal Hogs deck could do you well since it’s a square opposite the PEKKA decks at the top of the ladder. For playing this deck, you’ll require Barbarian Barrel, Fireball, Flying Machine, Goblin Cage, Golden Knight, Royal Hogs, Royal Recruits, and Zappies.

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