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Are Smart Garage Door Openers Safe? 

    These days, people who live in homes are used to having garages attached, which is where we all come and go out of our homes. It’s an excellent convenience; however, is it also an opportunity for burglars to enter our homes?
    Researchers have demonstrated that either traditional or intelligent garage doors can be compromised. For example, conventional garage doors with rolling codes can be compromised by jamming a receiver and recording a signal transmitted. However, smart garage door openers can be targeted by the same method or through an internet-connected.

    What is a Fixed Code Garage Door Opener?

    Remote controls to control your garage door opener can use the “Fixed Code” that uses the RF (Radio Frequency) to transmit the code to the garage receiver. Similar to radio stations that transmit tunes using frequencies.

    That means that when you push a button to open the garage door, it transmits a code to your garage receiver, which allows you to allow it to open. The issue is that the principle remains the same and does not change.

    Code Garage Door Opener Security

    Security has certainly improved a lot in the last few years. For example, after the fix codes for garage doors were introduced, they became rolling garage door openers that use codes still used in the present. Garage door openers with rolling cords can be hacked, but it’s tricky.
    When you press the open / call button on the remote control, the remote control will generate a unique code that cannot be repeated. If someone has access to the ability to save the code you enter, you cannot reuse that code.

    Could smart garage door openers be at risk?

    The smart garage door opener is connected via the internet and allows users to remote control the opening of their doors. Unfortunately, the only way to enable these devices to function is to hook them to your smartphone, which means it is likely for hackers or even pranksters to observe your movements via the app if you’re not cautious.

    Yes, garage door openers with intelligent sensors can be hacked through their WiFi networks to which they’re linked. If hackers gain access to the WiFi network and connect to it, they can access any device connected to it, including the smart garage opener.

    Why Smart Garage Door Openers Are an Investment?

    Smart home devices are made to make life easier. You can turn on almost everything at the push of a button or the sound of your voice. Garages are just as important a part of your home as it is. A smart opener can completely change the way you get to it.

    You Can Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes

    Are you looking to ensure that your children return home from school without incident? Check to see if your teenager got home before his time limit? A smart garage door opener will keep a full report of when your garage was open or closed. Confident Liftmaster openers are equipped with two-way audio, powered through your smartphone’s application. This feature allows you to contact your guests right at arrival.

    Does your dog’s walker require access to your house? If you’re not ready to share the key to your home, you can utilize the innovative garage door opener to grant your guests access to your property.

    Are smart garage door openers safe?

    Smart garage door openers manufactured by well-known manufacturers such as Chamberlain are just as safe in the same way as conventional garage door openers. However, smaller companies might not make the investment in IoT or application security, leading to security issues in their smart garage openers.

    Specific security features of the smart garage door opener are remote monitoring and a perimeter sensor that can detect the entry and exit and the embedded chips. This makes it very difficult for anyone to gain access to the garage without the owner’s consent.

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