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Activate Generac Generator : How do I activate my Generac generator?

    But, despite their robust characteristics and capability to function in extreme weather conditions, they can be prone to malfunction during their lifespan.

    While machines are made to work, there can be a number of causes that may result in them crashing, and it is essential to ensure you take the correct preventative measures to keep them operating at their best capabilities.

    An excellent way to stay clear of an issue where the generator isn’t able to start quickly is to use the generator frequently. It allows the machine components to work without trouble.

    Every unoccupied machine is bound to experience wear and tear. Generac generators aren’t any different. If the Generac generator isn’t starting, Here are some steps you can take to ensure it’s operating at its peak.

    How can I check the performance of my generator?

    There ought to be two wires in the generator. Choose the one that connects directly to your battery and another one. Your generator is expected to be running fully. You’ll hear it takes a load. You should be able to see the voltage rise with a Voltmeter.

    How do I activate my Generac Generator?

    It is an easy one-time procedure that takes only a couple of minutes. You’ll need your generator and transfer switch’s serial numbers at your local dealer for each unit.

    The benefits that can be activated are:

    Get the most current information about your product.

    It serves as proof of purchase for an insurance-related loss, for example, flood, fire, or theft.

    Make sure that the warranty coverage is accurate.

    It is essential to activate the generator to operate in a controlled manner.


    1. Visit the webpage

    2. Select the country in which the product is legally registered.

    3. You must enter the serial number. The silver data plate of your generator is in the center of your control panel. The serial and item numbers can appear on the scale.

    4. This time, the Generator model is activated.

    Turning On Your Generator

    1. Turn the fuel valve on

    Generator fuel valve: Flip the fuel valve off. If the fuel valve is open, the fuel is pumped into the carburetor to aid the generator in getting started.

    2. The choke should be turned off.

    Change the rod’s position from left to right. This allows the engine to get started.

    3. The on the ignition (or the engine switch) on

    Some generators will require you to flip the switch to start the engine. This engine switch can be turned on when you pull the cord to recoil.

    If the generator you have has an electronic start button, you could use it to turn on your generator, instead of using the recoil cord method described below. If the electronic starter does not perform, your battery might die. You could charge your battery with an in-line charger to fix this issue.

    4. Cord for recoiling pull

    If you pull the cord to recoil, it is a way to start the engine. Pull the line until you feel some resistance, then let it rest. If your machine does not start, try repeatedly.

    Tips: If the engine doesn’t begin, set the choke from “half-run” and pull the cord to recoil again.

    5. When the engine has started, move the engine choke to “run.”

    After the engine has been idle for just a couple of minutes, you can move the choke back into the “run” position.

    Can a Generac generator be switched off?

    Switch the Auto/Off/Manual switch to off (Figure 2.). 5. If the generator has to be turned off for more than one hour with no utility being on, remove the 7.5 Amp Main Fuse from the control panel (Figure 2.). This stops your control panel from draining the battery.

    Where can I locate my Generac Generator activation code?

    (The device will operate in manual mode if it’s not activated) for an activation code. The product can be registered on as well as A confirmation webpage (last registration page) will display the activation code of five digits in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

    What happens when a Generac generator runs?

    The Generac Generators for home backup are built to operate with only one source of fuel. They’re set up to work with natural gas. However, during installation, the generator will be modified to run on propane liquid.

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