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5 Ways To Fix Uber Not Showing Fare Prices

    Do you need help finding prices within the Uber app? Uber is an efficient, affordable, and safe vehicle service. Uber users Uber can pay for their rides via the app with their phones.

    It is possible to view the prices on your most recent journeys when you tap the daily total of your fares on the app’s main screen and click “SEE the daily summary”.

    Once the trip is complete, it can take 48 hours for the app to show the fare breakdown along with the route map. If you are still looking for the exact fare of your trip within 48 hours of the trip ending, call Uber’s Uber Help Center.

    It was about comparing Uber’s prices when you’ve completed your journey. However, if you’d like to check the cost of rides with Uber. What will you be able to see of the price?

    Many have experienced issues with their Uber application not showing pricing, regardless of whether they’re riders or drivers. This guide discusses why Uber’s price isn’t leading and the best way to solve the issue.

    Uber affirms that they’ve “completely transformed the way that drivers are paid” by introducing a feature known as “upfront rates,” which shows drivers precisely how much they’ll get paying for their trip and the destination they’ll be upon dropping off the rider.

    Uber’s plans include the rollout of a feature that allows drivers to see others who have requested rides in their local area. They can then select specific rides they’d like to take.

    The changes for riders are being tested at select places, and there may be a reduction in cancellations due to the driver not really wanting to travel to their destination or being aware that the trip won’t be a very lucrative trip.

    Why Is Uber Not Showing Prices?

    Remember that the price you see before deciding is based on various factors, such as base cost, duration, length of trip, distance to pick up, and surge pricing.

    However, if you cannot view the price, your Uber application must show the prices for several reasons. It is not necessary to be concerned about this in the same way.

    Here, we’ve listed the possible causes for this concern. They are as follows:

    • Suppose the right actions should be taken to check prices within the Uber application. This means that the app may not display the prices.
    • The server still needs to calculate the price. It could also be looking at information from the driver’s and rider’s gadgets.
    • In some cases, even when the GPS stopped for a part of the route, it could take a few minutes to calculate the amount when it was completed.
    • Perhaps Uber is experiencing some issues. It will appear in the app as quickly as it takes a couple of minutes.
    • The most likely reason was the price increase, or lately, there have been a few problems with apps.

    How to Fix Uber Not Showing Prices (For Customers)

    The first step is to look up the Uber server’s status. Then, sit for a while, then test to try again. Then, restart your phone and use the application. Also, you can visit the Uber website to obtain estimates of the cost for any ride in any city across the globe.

    Be aware that smartphones do not come with the same options for settings, and settings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, be sure to use the proper settings before you change any of them on your phone. These steps were tested with the OnePlus Nord CE, as shown in the images below.

    Sign Out and Sign Back In

    Sometimes, these issues can be related to issues with account authentication. Logging out from Uber’s app Uber application and returning to sign in may aid.

    • Open the Uber application and tap the Account tab on the right-bottom edge of the app’s screen.
    • Click on Settings, then scroll down until you can select the sign-out option.
    • Tap on Confirm Sign Out.
    • Then close the application and take a few minutes before logging. Into the app using your email address or mobile number.

    Disable VPN

    Virtual Private Networks are used to stop data theft from the private network. Additionally, it acts as a means of connecting both the client and server. Sometimes, using the VPN could cause problems with apps such as Uber. If your device is connected to an active service, turn it off and check whether that solves the problem.

    Clear Uber App Cache

    A corrupted cache can lead to issues with the functionality of the app. This may be why Uber doesn’t show the prices of its rides. How to get them out:

    • Start Settings, then select Apps, then tap Apps Management.
    • Tap on Uber to select Uber. The Storage use.
    • Tap to Clear the cache.

    Update App

    If you’re running an older version of the Uber application, we’ll inform you that the app may have bugs. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the app is updated to address the issue discussed.

    • Search for Uber in the Google Play Store.
    • Click on the Update button and allow the update process to be completed.
    • After that, you can open the application and check whether it works correctly.

    Contact Support

    If you cannot obtain fares, Contact the Uber Support Team, which can be an efficient way to find more options.


    The absence of a fare estimate on the Uber app is a significant issue, mainly when figuring out your transportation budget. Suppose you think about the potential reasons mentioned earlier, including weak connectivity to the internet, an old application version, disabling service for location, and incorrect location address. In that case, there’s an app’s cache, surge pricing problems, or technical issues to fix the issue efficiently. Be sure to have a steady internet connection, ensure that the app is up-to-date, activate the location service, give precise addresses, be aware of price increases, delete your app’s cache if needed, and remain patient when you encounter intermittent technical problems. By keeping these suggestions in mind, you’ll be able to experience a seamless, reliable Uber experience. It comes with precise cost estimates that will help you plan your trips before your trip.

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