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you finished cutting up a raw chicken and put it in the oven to cook. you should:

The chicken was cut up raw and placed into the oven for cooking. It is recommended to wipe the cutting board and knife using a sanitizer wipe cloth. Run the cutting board and knife through the dishwasher. Wipe your hands clean using a sanitizer wipe cloth. Wash the blade with the bucket of sanitizer, then clean the cutting board cards are designed to be viewed as digital flashcards since they are double-sided or at least cover up the answer to give you the chance to consider the question you are asked and then answer it in your mind or on paper before divulging the response to you or you’re with your partner. Some questions will have multiple choices that provide you with a range of options, while other questions include the question and the correct answers. You can reveal the solution only when it is time to verify your work. There is no way to cheat.


To decrease the risk of cross-contamination, a food handler must clean and rinse the cutting board and knife after every task. It is important to do this according to the manufacturer’s directions regarding the proper use of the cleaning materials.

Cross-contamination occurs when harmful bacteria are transferred from food items to food items, tools, cutting boards, utensils, and other kitchen equipment when they are not properly handled. This can happen especially when handling raw poultry, meat, and seafood.

Hand washing is essential to ensure food safety, as it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. It is recommended to do it before the beginning of each activity; during the interval, the food handler needs to take a break, use the restroom, touch food, etc. And lastly, after your task.

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