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Workaround Ways To See iPhone Calculator History

    If you frequently use the Calculator application for your iPhone, you may need to review your earlier calculations often to check for accuracy or reference. The default Calculator app does not include a historical feature that displays past calculations and the results. A few workarounds enable you to view a small portion of the history of your CalculatorCalculator on your iPhone.

    In this article, we’ll present the four ways to view the history of your CalculatorCalculator on your iPhone, including the shortcuts in the app, the memory function, the screen recording feature, and some third-party applications.

    A QUICK Answer

    Although the Calculator app for iPhone doesn’t have access to your calculations history, there are various options to accomplish this. This involves using the Copy Last result feature, the memory functions in the Calculator application, or making screen recordings of your calculations. It is also possible to use calculator applications available on the App Store to store your information about your CalculatorCalculator.

    Tips You Must Be Educated About

    • Click and hold the calculator application in your Control Center, home screen or App Library to copy the output from your last calculation.
    • Utilize the memory recall feature in the iPhone calculator to record numbers in the Calculator’s memory, which you can return to in the future.
    • If you require a complete record of your calculations, you’ll need an app for calculators from a third party.

    How to access the history of calculators on iPhone Four workarounds will help.

    Viewing the calculator historical data on your iPhone is possible by following the steps below. You can follow either of the sections listed below based on your preference.

    Method 1: Review and save your final result

    Viewing and saving your final result is possible using the shortcut to your app on your phone. It will allow you to view and then copy the outcome of the last calculation. Use the following steps to guide you through the procedure.

    Find your locked device and unlock it. Locate the Calculator icon within the App Library. Hold and tap on that icon once you have found it.

    Select and tap Copy Final Result.

    The final result will be saved onto your clipboard.

    Using the Calculator app icon in the control center also makes it possible to accomplish precisely the same. Tap and hold the icon, then choose Copy the Last Results.

    You take the same result and use it in your final calculation.

    Method 2: Applying the memory function

    Memory functions allow you to record results and the numbers you typed of your current calculations to your Calculator’s memory. This will enable you to remember and use results again or even continue complicated calculations like a standard calculator.

    Use the following steps to assist you in using the memory function in your calculator application.

    Lock your device, open the calculator app, and use it to calculate like you would normally.

    Then, switch the device into landscape mode. Tap+ to save the current outcome in the memory of your CalculatorCalculator.

    Keep doing your calculations the same way and utilize Mr to remember the numbers stored in your memory.

    Also, you can access these memory functions that will aid you in maximizing the value of your performance.

    Mr. Memory Recall

    This function allows you to remember the results or numbers stored within the Calculator’sCalculator’s memory.

    MMC memory clear

    This function can erase the numbers stored in your Calculator’sCalculator’s memory.

    M+ Memory Add

    This function lets you connect the current display’s number to the number stored in the calculator memory. If, for instance, there are two numbers on your screen, and you have five saved in the calculator memory, seven will appear on the screen every time you utilize the mr function.

    Memory Subtract

    This feature will permit users to subtract the display number from the number stored within the Calculator’s memory. If, for instance, seven is stored in your Calculator’s Calculator’s memory while five appears as the number displayed on your screen, the next time you access the CalculatorCalculator, you will see two visible on the screen.

    App Store Calculators

    If Apple does not include a feature which is in great demand, application makers will be forced to make it more accessible and satisfy the needs of customers. In the end, the App Store is filled with excellent calculator applications that offer logs of history and other useful features!

    If you’re looking for a no-cost application, check out CalculatorCalculator, which includes History +, Calcbot 2, Numerical2, and Calculation. If you’re searching for an expensive calculator and are willing to spend the money, PCalc might suit your liking.

    Try out the calculator software that is best for your situation. If you’re using a calculator regularly, you should be looking for the right one.


    There are two common queries about the Calculator application.

    Do you check the Calculator History through the Apple Watch?

    No. In contrast to the iPhone and iPad, which lets you check the final result, this is not available on Apple Watch. Apple Watch. Go to this support page for further details on how to use the Apple Watch Calculator application.

    Are Calculator functions accessible in Google Search on iPhone without opening the application?

    Yes! Swipe downwards from the Home screen to open your search box. There, you’ll be able to do basic calculations however you like. You’ll agree that this is much more simple than accessing the app. In addition this can be achieved using Spotlight for Mac!


    For a quick summary, if you’re looking to look up the Calculator App’s past results on your iPhone, the most effective method is to hold it for a long time and copy the previous result. It could be limited as it shows only the prior outcome. Saving the current value with the function could be helpful in some instances.

    If you’re looking for a reliable history log, you can download any of these calculator programs I suggested previously. I wonder why Apple still needs to include the feature of logging history into the Calculator app. Since so many users require this feature, we hope they will add it to the new version!

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