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Why Is My Firestick So Slow? {how to fix}

    The Amazon FireStick is one of the most popular streaming devices and should be in every home. The most recent FireStick generation is a significant improvement in overall improvements in performance and includes one that supports 4K resolution. You can now stream content, and experience stunningly clear videos and more excellent colours, provided you own a screen with 4K resolution. The consensus is that Amazon FireStick always does an excellent job compared to the other devices that stream content. However, even with the improvements, it isn’t enjoyable when you discover that your FireStick is slow, the video is buffering, and the overall performance isn’t excellent at all.
    However, I later began searching for the cause of this issue, and after a long time, I found a couple of common causes. So, in this post, I will provide you with proven strategies that will help you increase the performance of your FireTV Stick like it was before.

    Why Is My Firestick So Slow?

    Let’s now discover what troubleshooting strategies can help accelerate the performance of the speed of your Amazon FireStick. Here are a few standard solutions to ensure that your FireStick is working quickly and smoothly.

    Overheated Device

    The most typical reason Firestick appears to be choppy or abruptly begin loading is that it’s overheating. If users use their device for an extended duration and start to open various apps, it gets hot.

    When the device is hot, the processor will be slow, and you’ll experience performance issues, app freezing, and lag when scrolling.

    Uninstall all Unused Apps If FireStick is slow

    The number of apps installed on FireStick can bog down the device, which can lead to slow performance. FireStick has just 8GB of storage space, and most of it is consumed by the Operating System itself.

    In addition, the apps that are installed on your device will take up space in the device. Therefore, it’s ideal for removing the apps you don’t regularly use.

    Too Many Bloatware Installed

    Another reason for the performance issues of the Fire TV device as by default, Amazon installs the various apps. Although if the user installs more than one application that they aren’t using, it can use up some RAM.

    So, when excessive RAM is used up, you’ll notice that the app’s launch speed decreases, and you may also experience buffering issues.

    The Firestick content source server is unsuitable.

    If you can pass your internet speed test with an average download speed of 25-50 Mbps (or more), the content you’re trying to stream isn’t good.

    Consider an app like the Cinema HD app, for example. If you’re using such an app, it’s using an internet connection from an internet server that supports this application. If the server is not working and the app is not supported, it’s likely to take a long time to load and slow at your end.

    How to Speed Up a Slow FireStick

    Reboot Your FireStick

    Rebooting the FireStick is the most commonly used method for solving issues with Fire TV devices. Applications running in the background could slow down your FireStick’s performance and create other issues with performance, such as slowing down and even crashing. Restarting your device may fix the majority of these problems.

    Clean data, cache and clear

    The same menu is in which you’ll find the uninstall and Force Stop options; it’s also possible to find Clear cache and Clear data. These are available in almost all apps, regardless of whether you use the app. However, it’s beneficial to use them on apps you don’t utilize as often. Do these steps in the order that they appear—clean data, then clear cache.

    Use Power Adapter

    The first thing you must do to increase the FireTV speed is to use an original adapter for power and the USB supplied in the package. They have been designed to deliver sufficient electricity to the Stick to operate smoothly.

    Therefore, if you’re using a different USB cable in place of the one with the box, make sure you change it. In addition, try not to use the USB port on your TV since it’s not supplying enough power to your device. This is why you should it is essential to use the first Power Adapter of Amazon because it allows the device to receive the right amount of power to run applications effortlessly.

    Remove Unwanted Apps

    The deletion of unneeded apps is the most effective and quickest method to speed up the performance of the speed of your FireStick device. Why? They occupy a portion of your device’s memory (ROM) in a way that is not needed. If the apps receive frequent updates, your system will automatically install and download the updates. In addition, they run within the background, resulting in RAM’s use. This can slow down your device.

    Factory Reset Firestick

    You’ve tried everything but haven’t found any success, and you’re still experiencing slow speeds in your Firestick. If that’s the case, the only way to increase its performance is by resetting the device’s settings to factory default settings. This is the most efficient method and can be helpful in various locations such as buffering Kodi icons disappearing, excessive heat and running out of storage and many more.

    Keep in mind that following this procedure, you’ll eliminate all downloaded applications and settings and files and data. You may also delete your account. Make sure you first create an all-encompassing backup of your data for this procedure.


    There are several standard solutions to use when you encounter problems with performance on Firestick. I have proven and tested each method before posting them here. I recommend that you go through all the strategies I have given since if one method isn’t working, the next one is successful.

    If you’ve followed all the procedures, you can leave me your valuable feedback in the comments below. This will allow others to see that this guide has been helpful. Even if you know another better solution than the one that I have provided, please don’t hesitate to let us know about it. You can also ask any questions about FireTV or this issue by commenting below.

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