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Why Are Commercials So Loud on Hulu?[Fix]

    Have you ever been asleep when you watched your favorite shows, and then suddenly, the sound of an advertisement woke you? It’s not uncommon. Many of the streaming platform Hulu customers have noticed that the volume of commercials played at least two times per program is deafening.

    Many users agree that Hulu commercials are at least three times louder than the regular programming. Why is this?

    The reason why commercials are getting so intensely loud is that advertisers want our focus. Naturally, many viewers of television are annoyed because they have to look for the remote to switch between the different volume levels.

    Why are the commercials on Hulu so noisy?

    Although Hulu and other platforms for streaming have changed the way we view TV, it’s that advertisers are going back to the old-fashioned methods to capture our focus. Many customers of this streaming service have observed that ads on Hulu are loud and obnoxious when shows are playing at a reasonable volume.

    This could be highly irritating to a person who watches TV, and there’s a law that regulates the frequency of commercials on television. This law, known as the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, passed in 2010, made it unlawful for commercials’ quantity to be higher than the volume average of the channel it is broadcast on. As per the FCC, the law prevented television channels “from boosting the average volume of commercials to levels beyond the programs they accompany.”

    Is there an option to auto-mute commercials?

    Yes, you can use several plugins to disable the device’s volume when commercials are shown. The volume will automatically be restored after the show has begun.

    How Hulu First escaped the Ad-apocalypse

    When streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu made it easier for viewers and other television shows, it prompted the conventional way of advertising to think about how they could get people paying attention. For Hulu, subscriptions with lower prices were supported by ads and allowed people who passed away via commercials to continue to make their bones. Unfortunately, these advertisements aren’t just irritating for Hulu users. They’re disturbing also due to the volume they play.

    In some instances, volume might be set at an average or acceptable level until it suddenly increases to a scream. There’s a reason behind this kind of audio attack, but fortunately, there are many methods to prevent this from happening.

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