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what we have here is failure to communicate

    “What we’ve got… is the inability to communicate” is an excellent quote from the movie “Cool Hand Luke, in which Luke, played by Paul Newman, is part of a chain gang inside the US prison. Inflexible to the wishes of the guard, he often listens to the famous phrase before being punished. The irony is that, in this case, the words are crystal, but the character decides not to accept them.

    Compared to the warden from Cool Hand Luke, communication in the workplace is usually lacking. What number of times have we been told, “We could have communicated more effectively” after something went wrong? Sprint retros frequently include discussions about communication, whether a poorly written user story or a development decision to do something differently that was not shared with the Product Owner.

    What’s the significance of Cool Hand Luke?

    “Cool Hand Luke” includes two opposing themes in the plot’s structure: Luke’s constant struggle to defy the norms of society, which he must survive, and the Christlike shroud of martyrdom that he is forced to wear to earn the respect of his fellow prisoners who surround him.

    Which eggs would Cool Hand Luke eat?

    Fifty eggs 50 eggs “nobody could take fifty eggs” bet is derived from Cool Hand Luke. In the 1967 film, Paul Newman eats 50 eggs hard-boiled in one hour while other inmates massage his throat to get through the last few.

    People over 50 are becoming more active on the web.

    In 2016 32 percent of readers of news aged 50+ indicated a preference for news websites. The percentage has been boosted to 43 percent in the most recent surveys (2019).

    “Moreover almost all Americans get news via digital channels,” researchers say.

    Digital news users also place high importance on a website that is easy to use, as they say, with 82 percent saying they can access local news online. Moreover, websites that are easy to use are the most crucial characteristic. (Presumably, this means sites that don’t have pop-up ads and paywalls; however, the researchers didn’t have a question).

    This is a step over other options, such as calendars of local events (59 percent), regular updates to Instagram accounts (51 percent) and custom news (45 percent), videos (43 percent), and comments sections (31 the).

    Made Comprehensible

    The advantages of this method of communication cannot be denied. Even the most complicated issues can be explained through Plain Language and usability principles. Companies must address their communications promptly to maximize the value of their primary resource, knowledge. The inability to make the most of knowledge in a knowledge-based economy is a sign of failure.

    Subject matter experts in veterans’ affairs or any other topic should quit writing and begin communicating. They must stop looking at the content as separate from the people who utilize the information. Subject matter experts, who previously were able to write, need to be able to communicate. Clear, effective messages straight through the mouth of the animal will be beneficial to all.

    Take note of how improved writing can benefit your job:

    If you write clearly and confidently – for example, in email correspondence, your customers and potential clients will see you as competent and knowledgeable. They will also feel that you are concerned with the particulars. In particular, when it comes to matters regarding their family, finances, and even their business, most clients want an advisor focused on the specifics.

    It’s not uncommon for potential customers to ask, “Do you have any ideas you could share with me to help me reflect on the subject?” Although sometimes that’s an acceptable method for a prospective customer to decline, often the person asking prefers to read rather than listen. If you can communicate effectively by writing, you’ll be at an enormous advantage when preparing good-quality material to leave with prospects.

    If you can communicate effectively through your emails, clients will be able to sense that you care. The hallmark of good communication is a good level of listening. If you are careful in your emails and use English correctly, your prospects and clients will believe you value them. Poor communication signals that you need more time for them.

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