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what is vanish mode on messenger

    If you’re like most people then you probably don’t worry too much about what your conversations are being kept private. You don’t have anything to hide. If you knew how easy it would be for someone else to track your conversations without your phone, you might be starting to worry.

    Facebook Messenger features a vanish feature to help keep your conversations secret.

    Messenger offers Vanish Mode, which allows you to send disappearing text messages to your friends. Your Vanish Mode message will disappear once a friend has seen it and closed the chat. Vanish Mode can also be accessed via a swipe-up in active Messenger chats.

    Let’s look at how the vanish function works.

    What is Vanish Mode?

    Are you worried about sending the wrong message? Messenger Vanish Mode has the solution for you. You can now send pictures, GIFs, text, and many other things to your friends and family, without worrying too much about the messages. Facebook has a vanish mode that will erase all of your messages once the chat is closed. Snapchat may give you a better idea of how this works.

    This increase in security increases the app’s safety. Hackers can easily gain sensitive information and even your password. Messenger’s newly added vanish mode makes it easy to hide any of this information. All messages are deleted. The sender and receiver do not have access to them. Messenger usage has become seamless for Facebook users. It will later be made available to Instagram users.

    How to enable Vanish Mode for Messenger Work

    The Vanish Mode can be turned on to send instant messages to Messenger users. This mode is great for sending short messages to one another. It is very easy to enable Vanish Mode on Messenger. It is easy to do by following the steps listed below.

    Step 1 – Start the Chat

    Open your Messenger app and start a conversation. It should only be a one-on-one conversation. You should note that Vanish Mode won’t work with group chats and messages.

    Step 2 Fill the Circle Icon

    Next, swipe up at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see a message titled “Swipe for Vanish Mode”. Keep moving your finger around until the circle icon appears completely.

    Step 3 – The Vanish Mode has “on”

    The Vanish Mode is now active. All messages and pictures can be sent as normal. The receipt will read all the messages and close the chat. This will increase your application’s security.

    On an iPhone or iPad, enable Vanish Mode

    Launch the Messenger App on your iPhone/IPad and choose a conversation.

    Tap on the profile picture to open Chat Settings. Scroll to the Privacy & Support section.

    After that, you can open Vanish Mode.

    Next, you will need to read the Vanish Mode details (if the Vanish Mode was launched for the first time), and then click OK to enable Vanish Mode.

    Hit the back button again to access the chat screen.

    Now enter and send a note.

    You can then wait for a response, and continue with the chat (if your other half accepts to use Vanish Mode).

    To make sure that the chat ends successfully, either quit the chat and hit the Turn off Vanish Mode button or exit the chat. All messages will be deleted. Messenger will now display the normal chat window.

    Vanish Mode is also possible by using a shortcut. To enable Vanish Mode, simply head to a Messenger chat and swipe up on it until the circle fills. Next, let go of the screen. By tapping up on the chat screen, the Vanish Mode can also be disabled.

    How do Vanish Mode notifications work?

    You will be notified when you receive a new message about vanishing mode in a regular chat. You can enter vanish mode by contacting them.

    The chat will notify other members if you take screenshots of messages in Vanish mode. If another member takes a screenshot of the conversation, they will be notified. Screen recordings also work in the same way. Facebook warns that it may not detect all screen recordings or screenshots.

    Take note. It doesn’t matter if they don’t notify you that a screenshot is taken. Facebook has a special page for you if someone takes a screenshot or a photo of your messages.

    How to Turn On Messenger Vanish Mode

    You can learn how to use Vanish Mode with Messenger by following these steps.

    Open Messenger on your mobile phone
    Chatbox open to someone.
    Now, swipe up on the bottom side to open the chatbox.

    1. A popup will appear at the bottom.

    This will notify you that Messenger has put you in “vanish mode” with the other person. A notification will be sent if someone takes screenshots or makes a screen recording.

    Now you are familiar with the Vanish Mode for Messenger

    You now know how to use Messenger’s Vanish Mode. It’s easy to use. You can send pictures, text, or GIFs, to anyone you have connected with on Facebook Messenger, and they will be deleted automatically after you leave the chat.

    Your messages are now secure. You may also want to protect your entire Facebook page. You will find many options for doing this while on the platform. Make sure to also check out our other guides.

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