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what is under armour heatgear

    For many years, my preferred short for running long distances and cooling down has been the Under Armour HeatGear SMX Short. You can read my long-term reviews.

    Unfortunately, the Sonic Short was discontinued many years ago. I was hopeful that the Under Armour HeatGear Armour Compression Short would replace it with a similar model. This simple design features a 6-inch inseam and is made of 84/16 polyester/spandex fabric.

    It’s not. It isn’t even close.

    The Armour Compression Short needs to live up to its name. It provides no compression or support. The fabric is also too sheer and revealing to be used as a standalone short. Let’s keep what they are: fitted underwear.

    These could be better underwear. Jockey Men’s Sport Mesh Midway Briefs cost $5-10 less, are more supportive, and have high airflow panels in the sweat-prone zones. Saxx Men’s Kinetic Boxer Bottoms cost slightly more but provide more support.

    Materials and Craftsmanship

    UA has done a wonderful job with craftsmanship. I’ve put this top through a lot, and it doesn’t show signs of wear. The quality of the materials is also top-notch. Under Armour’s trademarked HeatGear material is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and offers UPF30+ protection from the sun.

    HeatGear Metal Under Armour

    The high-tech fabrics and the compression fit are meant to “wick moisture off your skin, rather than absorb it” and “regulate temperature and improve performance”. I think they are referring to the “absorb”, which is a somewhat torturous grammar. It refers to the tendency for cotton underwear to absorb and hold water, making it feel like a wet Spaniel.

    The brand has grown in popularity faster than you can say “Ducati”, which is why it is best to have underground promotion done by athletes.

    Under Armour’s product lineup has grown exponentially in the past ten years. There are now a staggering array of products and sizes available, as well as shapes and forms that all use the same basic T-shirt. The brand offers clothes, socks, jackets, fleece, eyewear, luggage, and shoes. They are suitable for all seasons.

    Wall Street mythmakers (Under Armour, a publicly traded firm) claim that everyone, including Adidas, Nike, and Wal-Mart, was caught off-guard.

    There may be truth to this. My in-the-know consultants say that Under Armour can maintain a leading position due to their superior product development strategy and manufacturing methods.

    The Best Under Armour HeatGear

    It’s no secret I like Under Armour. This allows me to do my favourite thing–give my Under Armour HeatGear review and let you know which products are my favourites!

    What warm-weather gear should you consider buying right now? Here are the details.

    The HeatGear Shorty

    Under Armour HeatGear compresses may be my favourite in the evolution spandex.

    The spandex shorts of this brand are all great, but I prefer this model with a wider, thicker waistband. It is supportive and still breathable.

    It’s available both in standard colours and in cool patterns. There’s something for everybody.

    Due to a previously purchased RUSH version, which had too much fabric, I was hesitant about the high waistband when it came to working out.


    Massgeblich fur den globalen Erfolg des US-amerikanischen Sportgiganten UNDER ARMOUR ist nach wie vor die HeatGear(r)-Technologie. Mit dieser einzigartigen Technologie legte Firmengrunder Kevin Plank 1996 das Fundament fur sein Unternehmen und revolutionierte damit nachhaltig die Welt der Sportbekleidung. Der damals 23-Jahrige war Kapitan der Football-Mannschaft der University of Maryland und es storte ihn masslos, dass er wahrend des Trainings andauernd sein restlos durchgeschwitztes Shirt aus Baumwolle wechseln musste.

    Dank seiner praktischen Erfahrungen als Sportler kombiniert mit dem notigen technischen Know-how entwickelte Plank in den Kellerraumen des Hauses seiner Grossmutter in Georgetown/Washington D.C. ein funktionales Shirt, das speziell auf die Anforderungen von Leistungssportlern zugeschnitten war und stattete die ganze Mannschaft damit aus. Die Synthetik-Faser die er verwendete, prasentierte sich feuchtigkeitsregulierend und garantierte auch an besonders heissen Tagen einen kuhlen und trockenen Tragekomfort. Das erste HeatGear(r)-T-Shirt war geboren und erhielt den Namen #0037 – die beeindruckende Erfolgsgeschichte von UNDER ARMOUR nahm ihren Anfang.

    Under Armour, Heatgear Is the Perfect Warm Weather Workout Gear

    UA is the brand to trust when it comes to fitness gear. The Under Armour Heatgear Armour Armour Comp Long Sleeve is a good example. It’s not just for those reasons. Wear it incredibly comfortably while working out or hanging out with friends.

    This Under Armour Heatgear Armour Armour COMP Long Sleeve is made of a mixture of polyester & elastane. It gives it a great feel. You can move as much or little as you want. You can wear this shirt as if it were part of your body. You’ll still feel cool and stylish while wearing it.

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