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What is silenced call on iphone

    Recently, numerous iOS users have complained that their phone calls have been silent when they receive a handful of calls. If you’re among those, then there’s no reason to fret about it.

    One of the main reasons could be the newly included feature “unidentified silence callers.” This feature makes the phone silent when it receives an unknown call number. It is possible to disable this feature by making minor adjustments within iOS settings.

    In this post, I will show you how to silence calls on the iPhone in various ways.

    What is a Silenced Call on the iPhone?

    With the launch of iOS 13 in 2019, Apple introduced a new feature for iPhones known as “Silence unknown callers,” which allows users to be protected from phone calls from unknown numbers. Recognize. If this feature is enabled, iOS will block the numbers you haven’t saved as contacts and those you’ve not previously had contact with.

    You will continue to receive calls from numbers that have been stored within your contact book. In addition, iOS allows incoming calls to be received from numbers that you’ve sent text messages to or if someone else sent the number with you via email.

    How can I disable the Call Silence on the iPhone?

    If you’ve turned on the Do not disturb mode to block all notifications, turn off the mode to restore any calls and other notifications.

    Click Settings and then Do Not Disturb.

    Turn on the switch to the left, following Do Not Disturb.

    To swiftly allow for incoming phone notifications, swipe at the base of your phone to access your Control Center. Then, touch Moon-shaped does Not Disturb icon to switch off silence.

    Fix iPhone Silencing Calls

    Your iPhone may be able to block all calls that come in. However, this is mostly because of your activated settings or options. These issues rarely result from issues related to iPhone hardware or even software. Here are some suggestions that you can try to fix the problem of the iPhone shutting off all your incoming calls.

    Check your iPhone Ringer Switch.

    If your iPhone isn’t ringing, the first thing to do is examine the ringer switch on the left-hand side to the right of your iPhone. If you see an orange on the switch, it signifies that the handset is not in use. To go back to normal mode, toggle the switch’s position.

    You will receive a text email on your iPhone that reads “Ringer” when you perform this.

    Block calls made by a third party using an Application.

    You could also install and download a third-party application through the App Store to enhance spam call detection and filter spam calls.

    There are a lot of applications designed to block and detect nuisance calls.

    Download and install your preferred app and configure it within your phone application. After configuring the app, it can determine whether the number is spamming. It can then be set to block the call in a way that is automatic or manually block the number using your device.

    You can take the number off the list of blocked numbers by accessing the Blocked Contacts list from your Phone, Messages, or FaceTime app if you need to.

    How do I fix Silence Unknown Callers Aren’t Working?

    If you’re receiving messages from numbers that aren’t yours, even after enabling this setting, be sure the number isn’t listed in any of your emails or messages. Also, make sure you’ve yet to contact them on your side. If this is the case, then clear your recent phone call record.

    The Bottom Line

    The feature to silence unknown callers on the iPhone is a great feature to use when you get numerous unwanted calls. However, it can also prevent important calls from numbers not listed on your contact list. Sometimes, it can even block all calls to your phone. Therefore, I recommend only enabling it if you don’t anticipate any urgent calls from callers you don’t know.

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