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what is a group of turkeys called

    Turkeys can be found in North America under the genus Meleagris. There are two kinds of turkey. One species is indigenous to Mexico on Yucatan Peninsula. One species is native to the United States. North America has five types of turkeys. Each one is slightly different.

    These large, heavy birds are a regular food in North American households. They are also a popular protein source in other parts of the world. They can be found everywhere turkeys live in groups.

    What is a Group of Turkeys called?

    Turkeys are large ground birds with distinctive plumage and a heavy set. Turkeys are often consumed in large quantities during holidays. However, we shouldn’t take these intelligent, loving birds for granted. Turkeys are social birds and can be gregarious. Can you name a few turkeys?

    A gaggle, a rafter and a flotilla are the most commonly used collective nouns for a whole bunch of turkeys. While the term flock is clear-cut, the phrase rafter is the most unusual. This is because turkeys often roost on trees and other high-up spots.

    Turkeys make the gaggling sound, so gaggles are also used. Many names can be used to describe turkey flocks. Keep reading for more information about this friendly, emotionally sensitive bird.


    A turkey collection is not known by its name. However, it is often referred to by other terms.

    1. Rafter

    Rafters is a more complicated term that can refer to a group of turkeys regardless of their size. Rafters is an often-used term in poultry breeding, but the general public does not widely use it. It is most commonly used to refer to a group of domestic turkeys which are commercially raised.

    1. Gang

    Turkeys are known to be gangsters. They often perform the same thing as gangsters by forming large, unbreakable groups and have no fear of human beings.

    1. Flock

    An umbrella term used for many birds and many animals. Flock has been used for various purposes, including foraging, perching and roosting.

    It is impossible to claim that Turkeys were wrong, even though an exact word has been given to these magnificent creatures.

    What does a baby turkey eat?

    Baby turkeys, also known as poults, eat insects and small invertebrates. As they age, they will be able to eat more plant materials, including seeds, berries, leaves and other small invertebrates. Adult turkeys will eat a variety, including fruits, vegetables and nuts.

    What is a Group of Turkey Chicks called?

    Has the question ever crossed your mind?

    Yes, you are correct. You can’t refer to a baby turkeys group using the same terms as adult turkeys. However, you don’t need to be concerned because a baby bird’s group can be called Poults. This is the same as Chicks for baby chickens. However, they are also known as Turkeylings.

    What’s the difference between wild turkeys and domestic turkeys?

    The main difference between wild and domestic turkeys lies in the fact that domestic turkeys have been bred larger than wild turkeys. Wild turkeys, on the other hand, can be as heavy as 30 pounds. Wild turkeys are typically smaller than domestic ones. A second difference is that wild turkeys can come in various colours.

    Are turkeys likely to flock together when flying?

    Turkey can fly up to 50 mph per hour; it’s true! Turkeys can travel quite a bit, even though it doesn’t cover vast distances. But do they fly together? Yes, they fly together even though they rarely travel far. This is usually done to find food and avoid predators.


    You now know what a turkey group is. Wild turkeys are active and can enjoy freedom, while domesticated turkeys (especially for breeding reasons) face several challenges.

    They need more lighting and space. The surrounding environment could be more chaotic and confusing because of the congestion. This is why birds can fight and inflict serious injuries.

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