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What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat?

    One of Snapchat’s most important characteristics is its colour-coded interface. But what exactly does a red circle that circles a person’s story? Although adding colour to an interface for users makes it look more attractive, the variety of colours may need to be clarified. In the example of chat, for instance, on the Chat screen, you could see blue, red or purple icons indicating something different. The red circle indicates a brand-new Snap with no audio. A purple square signifies a new Snap with audio. Meanwhile, the blue icon indicates it’s time to send a chat message.

    A different example is the ring and symbol in the Snapchat Story. You may have noticed when they visit the story of a friend’s story via the Chat tab that there is a blue ring surrounding the story, while when they open it on the Stories tab, the story has an orange ring. What’s the distinction between these two? What does the circle of purple around the story on Snapchat signify?

    Why Some Snapchat Stories Have Purple Rings

    The purple circle around a Snapchat story is an aesthetic choice. As you send videos and pictures through Snapchat, users will likely know that different hues mark different apps. This is apparent from the menu bar at the bottom of the page, where the Stories page features an accent of purple. So, when users look at updates shared by their peers on their Stories page, they’ll see a purple circle around the update. It is possible to view these Stories via the chat page, too, and they are displayed in a blue circle surrounding the person’s Bitmoji.

    The purple circle on the Stories page may appear without or with locks. A purple ring with a lock indicates that the person is now part of the individual’s Private Story. The person has restricted access to see their stories. When a person views the Private Story, the ring and lock turn grey, similar to a regular view of a Snapchat Story.

    What does the purple ring on Snapchat signify?

    It’s a charming approach used by Snapchat that appears attractive on certain user profiles. If someone you consider a Snaps friend uploads their stories on their profile, it will show you the form of a red ring. After you have viewed their account, the story turns grey. This means that you’ve seen the story. I’m sure you know the significance of the purple ring on Snapchat.

    Another question is what the tales show you with a purple emerald ring, not the lock symbol. What’s the reason? If a person is posted to their private account, you can look at that person’s private account. If you need clarification, look at Instagram’s case. If Instagram can add you to their friends list that shows you in green, you can see the story of their account. Similar to Instagram, in the event that a person invites you into their private stories, they show you the locks, and once you open their story, it changes to grey.

    What is the Meaning of Purple Circle Around Snapchat Stories With Lock Sign?

    Suppose you see the purple circle around the Bitmoji of a user, with the lock symbol that means that they’ve posted their private account to which you’ve been added. Only the intended recipients, including you, have access to the tale. When the story is viewed, the violet rings will change to grey.

    Unlike normal stories, which end within 24 hours, personal stories can run for 72 days.

    What is the Meaning of the Purple Circle Around Snapchat Stories With the No Lock Sign?

    If there’s just a single blue circle around a Bitmoji’s image in Snapchat’s Stories section, the person has uploaded a brand new story you’ve never seen until now. It applies to both the stories shared publicly and on your friend list.

    After you click on a story to go through the material (photos or video), the purple circle will disappear.


    The 2023 circle on Snapchat shows that someone has been added to your friend list using Snapchat’s Quick Add feature. This is a useful way to expand your circle and connect with others with similar friendships or common interests. When you use Snapchat’s options, be mindful of your privacy and select the right friends. When deciding whether to agree or decline friend requests, the red circle can be the key to being aware of and managing your Snapchat connection.

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