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What Does The Lock Mean On Snapchat

    Snapchat is among the most downloaded and popular apps, and users were recently able to participate in an Easter egg hunt. While the Easter event was enjoyable, many newcomers aren’t sure what the lock’s meaning is for the stories they encounter.

    The significance of the symbol behind the padlock isn’t too confusing, and neither is it bad, and in this article, you’ll discover how you can create your own stories with the same lock.

    The padlock icon means that Snapchat Stories are private. Snapchat Story is private, and it’s only accessible to only a specific individual or small group of friends. A private Story is distinct compared to Our Story, an assortment of Snaps submitted by various Snapchatters and accessible on Stories Snap Map. Stories Snap Map. In addition, there is My Story, which Snapchatters will likely have heard of as a way to tell what happened in their lives. Apart from being only accessible to select users and users, a Private Story also helps to provide a privacy layer for the information. It is particularly useful when a story is intended for sharing with family members rather than, for instance, colleagues on the same list of friends.

    What Does the Lock Symbol Mean on Snapchat Stories?

    When browsing through Snapchat and other apps, you may encounter a post with a lock of purple on the. It’s not a problem; it is not related to your account. The purple lock on any story indicates that it’s a private story. “Private Stories” are a brand-new feature introduced to protect the privacy and provide more control to users by allowing them to choose the audience for their stories.

    At first, due to the absence, the feature was required to block individuals to stop people from seeing their stories. This process is somewhat difficult since you’ll need to unblock them in the future. So, private stories can be thought of as an option for this purpose.

    Private stories are only available to the individuals you decide to send them to. An entire group could be created, and only specific stories can be sent out to only the selected users. The story will display an icon of a lock-in purple for any person who gets it. Private stories are an excellent option to share the content we’d like to share without worrying about a certain group of people following the Snapchat account. The purple padlock makes the user aware that viewing a private story. Unlike regular stories, it is a private story typically shared on Snapchat.

    Why is there an option to lock the Snapchat story?

    If you wonder why certain stories from your friends’ stories have small purple streaks, then you’re not the only one. You can see a padlock since you are part of a private story that your friend wrote, which they then were willing to share with you (among others, perhaps).

    The padlock is only a sign that the person has shared an intimate story with you.

    How do you create a private Snapchat story?

    If you’ve figured out the lock feature, let us show you how to make your own private Snapchat story. Snapchat.

    • Launch Snapchat. Snapchat app.
    • Select the profile icon to make an account on Snapchat.
    • Just click on it to open the “+custom story.
    • Next, select “Private Story.”
    • Create your private story, and then pick which person you would like to share the story with.

    Your private stories can be only for your own eyes and vice versa. But, Geo Stories are for yourself and any nearby Snapchatter at the location you’ve chosen to share the story.

    Can you see the other viewers of a private report?

    The most simple response to that question is No. Only the user who set up this private group can access the list of members in the group, and it is not possible to view the others who are part of this particular group.

    What are Geo Stories?

    Geo Stories, on the contrary, is just available to you and other Snapchatters in the area you’ve chosen to publish your story.

    Do you know who else has access to an intimate story?

    No. If you didn’t write your own private story, then you don’t be aware of the people who will read that story. Only the person who wrote the story knows who can see it. You can, however, close the story whenever you want to. Check out our article to learn more about the best way to do it.

    What are the advantages of private stories?

    Users can utilize this feature to hide their Snapchat stories from the people in their Snapchat list who don’t wish to share with. Many Snapchat users benefitted from this feature because it made classifying their contacts easier and deciding who can view certain stories.

    How long do stories about private lives last?

    As private tales are Snapchat stories, these stories will last for the same time as Snapchat stories. Private stories expire after 24 hours. Once the private story is expired, no one can view it or even view it. Not even users of private history.

    How do I modify the privacy settings on Snapchat?

    You can change your privacy settings whenever you’d like.

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