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What Does it Mean When You Drop the Blunt

    In simple terms, when you fall on the sharp, the blunt indicates that it means that you are either extremely unsteady or quite baked. A few people, including the old-fashioned stoners, are bound by the rule that you receive a blow to the arm if you fall on your blunt.

    Dropping the Blunt The Meaning

    Put, if fall on the blunt, that means you’re either incredibly unsteady or very baked. If the blunt was well rolled and properly, it will be safe and shouldn’t suffer any harm if it strikes the ground.

    Like the stoners of the past, certain people are governed by the rule that should you drop the sharp and punch it, and you will get a slap into the arm. Apart from it, dropping the sharp isn’t a sign of anything.

    Some people might say”dropping the blunt” is referring to the individual who purchased the blunt wrap to put the pot inside, i.e. “I do not have any weeds or weed to throw, however I’m able to throw the blunt away”. However, this isn’t an uncommon phrase.

    Why is it that you’re not expected to wash the soap?

    The game’s main objective is to be released without dropping the soap in the shower in prison. If the jailer ” drops the soap“, then they have to return to the starting point in the course of play.


    As you will see, there are plenty of stoner manners, along with terms to be aware of should you wish to become a simple stoner which is accepted as a part of the community!

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