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what does cfs mean on instagram

    There are slang terms that are specific to every type of media. For instance, TikTok can have a different language than Instagram. If you are looking to make the most of the apps, it is essential to understand the terms and phrases. Mainly, you’re likely to come across several acronyms in social media. This can save people time when they use an application and be a fun way to talk about the platform.
    You may have seen someone talking about and using the term CFS using Instagram. CFS is the newest acronym used often when talking to their friends on the most popular social media platform. What is it, and how do you utilize it? Let’s talk about CFS.

    What Is CFS What Does CFS Mean?

    Let’s get right to the point and discover the significance of what CFS means. If you look up the acronym in the Urban Dictionary, you will find that it references the story of a close friend. It is a feature of Instagram. If you’re not familiar with what it is, it’s an exclusive story that appears on Instagram. It is visible only to specific people who are also the sole ones who have access to what you write. If someone wants to be added to CFS, it signifies that they would like you to include them in your personal friend’s story.

    How to Create a CFS for Instagram?

    The great thing is that it’s straightforward to create a CFS on Instagram. This is something that anyone can do, and it could ensure that you have tranquillity. Suppose you’d like to set up a CFS, you first need to launch the app on your phone. Next, click on your profile. Then, where the menu button is, click it, and you’ll see the option to add close friends. It should have a message that reads “get started”. This will allow you the flexibility to select the people you would like to include in your CFS. Select all names you wish to have. There should be an option to make a list. That should be the end of your task. After that, you’re going to be able to write stories on anything you’d like using the app. You can post them directly on your Facebook page.

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