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top 10 poorest countries in world

    People who are the most impacted by poverty tend to be those who are also in other crises, such as food insecurity, conflict, and the impact of climate change. This article examines the top ten countries with the lowest incomes worldwide, the factors contributing to these rankings – and the elements that do not.

    We are concerned about the places where we’re needed the most in the fight against extreme poverty. What is the location specifically? What countries need the most excellent assistance?

    Unsurprisingly, other elements like war and conflict, climate changes, and extreme weather patterns such as drought hard hit the nations on our list. They often result in various circumstances that cause communities to remain within cycles of deprivation.

    What defines the most deprived nations is more complex than the distinction between dollars and cents. Before we dive into the list of ranking countries, Let’s look at how these rankings are made…


    Burundi is the world’s most impoverished country. It is followed by the Central African Republic, DR Congo, South Sudan, and Somalia as the most deprived. The countries with the highest incomes are Luxembourg, Singapore, Ireland, Qatar, and Switzerland.

    Surprisingly, 19 out of the top 20 nations are located within Africa. The country that is first non-African listed on the list is Afghanistan, which is listed as 15th.

    The World Bank can determine the most impoverished countries of the world based on GDP per person based on purchasing power parity (PPP).

    The actual buying power of a currency refers to the amount needed to purchase a specific quantity of goods or basket of standard products and services. PPP is calculated in every country by its cost of living as well as the rate of inflation.

    Poorest Country in the World

    Burundi is among the most impoverished countries, with an average GDP of $237. The government is landlocked on the continent of East Africa with limited supplies of natural resources. It is also frequently hit by natural catastrophes like droughts, floods, and landslides. This means that Burundi’s economy needs to be more diverse and depends on agriculture, responsible for around 90% of jobs and more susceptible to natural disasters. Burundi is also experiencing conflict between ethnic groups, political instability, and social tensions that significantly contribute to its low-income level.

    Which Are the World’s Poorest Countries?

    There are a variety of methods to gauge the economic performance and prosperity of a country. In this piece about the poorest nations in the world, We’ve employed GDP per person projections of this year’s International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    Per capita, world GDP is predicted to increase from $13,400 by 2022 to $13,920 by 2023. However, contrary to other parts of the globe, the per-capita economic output in Africa is smaller than on continents like North America or Europe.

    These nations have the lowest GDP per capita, and all are below the average of global economies.

    Per capita GDP of the country (USD)
    Burundi $308
    Sierra Leone $472
    Malawi $483
    Central African Republic $516
    Madagascar $540
    Somalia $562
    South Sudan $570
    Niger $574
    Mozambique $579
    Eritrea $700

    Burundi is home to an estimated population of 13 million and is among the smaller countries in Africa physically. Burundi has the lowest GDP per capita at just $308. Burundi became independent in 1962 following its initial status as a German colony’s property, later a Belgian colony in the second half of the 19th century.

    What is the Poorest Country in the World in 2023?

    According to the data and figures released by the World Bank, with a $253 Per Capita GDP, Malawi declares itself the most deprived country on earth by GDP Per Capita. The country is a Sub-Saharan African country where more than 40 percent of the population lives in poverty. The agriculture industry is the primary source of revenue for residents of Malawi. However, soil distribution is uneven, and corps are in danger of frequent droughts. In the absence of funds, parents cannot send their kids to institutions and universities, for which the literacy rate in Malawi is lower than in other African nations. Because of its poor education, it’s difficult for the country to develop and make it in the top ten of the world’s most deprived countries.

    Some people face food insecurity and malnutrition daily because of the scarcity of nutrition in rural areas. Around 45% of Malawian children under five years old are killed due to a lack of the required nutrients and food, USAID said. Apart from that, people face numerous other issues because Malawi is the most deprived nation in the world. This includes the worst healthcare system, insufficient education, inadequate transportation, most crimes, and natural disasters.

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