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Top 10 Live Streaming Apps

    Want to be more genuine with your followers? What better way to engage your audience than live streaming?

    With the wide variety of live-streaming services, it’s a good idea to join this new trend. Many of the major social media websites are now offering streaming services for users in one manner or the other. Live streaming lets creators earn money through advertising, subscription program, as well as other forms of monetization.

    What apps do you recommend?

    Find our comprehensive analysis of the top live-streaming software. Learn about the highlights to look out for and what app would be the best choice for your needs to stream live.

    What are Live Streaming Apps?

    Live streaming software allows viewers to interact with government officials and social media influencers, professionals, and creators. The apps allow creators to connect with their viewers and offer the opportunity to earn money through live streaming using advertising, partnerships, and other ways to monetize.

    Numerous major social media-sharing platforms have been included in the list of streaming video platforms. Continue reading to learn which platforms provide the most beneficial streaming options for the creators.

    Which live streaming application

    If you would like viewers to experience the highest quality viewing experience while watching your live broadcast, The live streaming application that you select should include these features.

    Adaptive bitrate stream

    Some viewers may not have an internet connection that is strong, and viewers who don’t encounter a large amount of buffering no the ability to stream at a variable bitrate. The apps that have this feature are able to provide your live stream in varying bitrates based on the speed of your viewer’s Internet.

    Multi-Bitrate Streaming

    In order to provide adaptive multi-bitrate streaming to everyone in your audience, the live streaming app will first need to create your stream at different bitrates.

    A good live streaming application comes with automatic transcoding that lets you send your video content to the world at different bitrates and without thinking about the process.

    Multi-bitrate streaming uses the photos that your camera captures in raw images. Then, it automatically converts streams into formats that can be played across a variety of HTML5 devices and Internet connection speeds.

    In simple terms, the top live stream software will allow you to provide the best format to your audience without any additional work.

    HTML5 video player

    The HTML5 video player is one of the most widely employed video player technology used both in applications and online in the present. It was able to replace Adobe Flash Player to become the most effective video player on every device and browser. No matter what device or browser devices your viewers utilize to view your live stream, you’ll have the ability to use it.


    Transcoding permits the same movie to be viewed on an end device in more resolutions or adjustments made from the original. If you stream video at 1080p, for instance, the live streaming application will be able to convert your video and then downgrade to 720p, making it accessible to people who have slower Internet. Learn more about what transcoding means and how you can make it a streaming app with our help.

    HLS Video Streaming

    In order for your viewers to enjoy the live-stream content you have created, the content must be streamed via your camera system and to the devices of your viewers.

    The best and most current method to achieve this is employing HTTP Live Streaming, also known as HLS. HLS protocol. The HLS protocol can provide audio and video content on the web, providing quicker delivery as well as greater security for users.

    The identical HLS video streaming technology is compatible in conjunction with HTML5 streamers for video, allowing viewers a fantastic live streaming experience on any device.

    RTMP Ingest

    When a camera is able to capture video footage, RTMP Ingest needs to be encoded in the digital format best to be used to live streaming. Once the video files are encoded, they are transferred through the encoder into the live-streaming application or program. The current method for encoder-to-application transfer is RTMP.

    For you to make sure the live video streaming application works with the best streaming tech, be sure it is compatible with the RTMP input.

    This protocol allows for bigger files to transfer through the web with minimal latency. This provides an uninterrupted video stream to the users.

    The 10 top live-streaming applications

    The apps listed below are the most effective currently available for live streaming since they offer the majority of the features mentioned in the previous paragraphs. There are some apps that offer free use, and others offer free versions as well as paid versions.

    Instagram Live

    Instagram is one of the top apps that can be live for Android as well as iOS devices. Instagram has grown to become the most popular social media platform worldwide. It has a variety of options that keep its users associated with it. Instagram Live is one of the most popular features. Live Stories is one of them. Live Stories feature launched in the latter half of 2016 and was a hot topic in the shortest amount of moments. Live streaming functions inside Instagram, which allows you to stream live videos to followers and other users via this social media platform.

    But it’s the most recent application for live streaming, but it lets you record and share the moments you have with your acquaintances or followers to the highest quality possible. Instagram Live is an excellent option for increasing your followers’ engagement and selling items on the platform. In addition, Instagram is constantly working to improve its strategy for video in the present. It is definitely worth giving this Live streaming for a free chance to boost your profile as well as followers and engagement.

    YouTube Live

    YouTube is most likely the first app that pops up in your mind when you think of live streaming. It’s well-known and is a hugely popular choice for users. It is possible to stream videos through YouTube either on your mobile or desktop and without software (also known as an encoder). The platform is generalist, which means streamers of any kind are able to get a foothold on YouTube too. Beginning streamers can start with ease, but there are numerous features that are available to advanced streamers as well.


    • Effective video analytics for videos
    • Create archives of your previous streams and publish them on your channel
    • Live chat using modes and tools for moderation
    • Options for monetization include Super Chat, Chat Stickers, and channel subscriptions.
    • It sends out notifications to your followers whenever you are life.


    • It is difficult to get to be noticed on such an extensive platform
    • It is necessary to have 1,000 subscribers as well as 4000 hours of watching time in order to be eligible for monetization
    • We need 1,000 subscribers for a live stream from mobile

    Use of cases

    • Live performances and concert performances
    • Webinars
    • Gaming
    • Product launches
    • Interviews
    • Live Vlogs
    • Workshops and tutorials
    • Anything really, in fact.

    Facebook Live

    Facebook is an excellent application to stream live when there is already an audience through the social media platform. The Live Producer allows it is possible to stream live directly via Facebook from your computer. It is also possible to make use of an encoder to stream via mobile. Live streaming is free via Facebook. Well as make a live stream on your private profile, page, or groups. Facebook is also a donation site and monetization option for the creators of content.


    • The Facebook fans get notified whenever you make a live broadcast.
    • Tools for moderating chats
    • No limitations for streaming on mobile devices.
    • Analytics in real-time


    • The maximum length for video content is 90 minutes.
    • The old Facebook Live videos don’t appear in search results
    • The streaming is not 4K.

    Use of cases

    • Questions and Answers for Customers
    • Product launches
    • Interviews
    • Gaming
    • Behind-the-scenes look
    • Live events


    Periscope is an extremely well-known and popular live-streaming application for Android. For easy access to the most popular live streams through Periscope, users are able to display live-streaming videos on the map. On Periscope, you are able to see the best of live streaming video. One of the simplest and completely live-streaming applications that are free in the marketplace. It gives detailed statistics for viewers watching in live mode who watch replays, viewers of the live stream, minutes watched, and much more. By using the live streaming option, you can make the link and then share it with other platforms such as Instagram as well as Facebook.


    Livestream was established on the 7th of July 2007 in 2007 by Max Haot, Dayananda Nanjundappa, Phil Worthington, and Mark KornfiltIn. The company was formerly known as Mogulus. This is a paid-for tool that needs a large expenditure. If you’re an event planner, it could help you; however, for individuals who stream, this could be very expensive. The free version is compatible with Facebook Live, Tango, as well as a variety of other platforms. The service is now owned by Vimeo and will be renamed Vimeo Livestream.


    • It includes a range of sophisticated tools like white-labeling, multi-bitrate, and streaming.
    • Users are able to use the integration to the most popular social media sites.


    • The most advanced features could be quite expensive
    • Sometimes, the navigation voice skips directions because of malfunctions


    Professional gamers who play live have a good understanding of Twitch TV. It’s considered one of the most effective game streaming applications. Twitch TV is utilized by more than 10 million gamers daily to stream, play and talk about games on video. Livecast streaming lets users can stream live games, Esports, and any IRL stream.


    • There’s an abundance of varieties of live streams
    • Video clips are extremely interactive.


    • The app continuously buffers
    • You must log in each time using an OTP.


    Live stream lives via a browser that you can access using your phone or computer with Restream Studio. Live streaming is available via the cloud to ensure that you don’t drain lots of resources in your phone. It is possible to add customized images and backgrounds to your stream, include guests by simply joining hyperlinks, stream recorded videos, or even stream live across multiple platforms simultaneously.


    • Multistream to various platforms
    • Upload and stream previously recorded videos
    • You can add up to 10 guests to the streaming
    • Customize your graphics and brand
    • Archive old live streams on the cloud
    • Live streaming statistics for the entire year

    Use instances

    • Live events
    • Tutorials and workshops
    • Online classes
    • Product launches
    • Interviews and Q&As
    • Giveaways and contests
    • Services for worship

    Vimeo Livestream

    Useful reasons:

    High-quality, multichannel streaming.
    Personalize the player with your own logo and colors.
    The image below shows what an event live stream designed for business use looks like in Vimeo Livestream.
    Source: Vimeo
    Vimeo Livestream is an all-in-one live streaming service that offers a variety of options for organizations and businesses. It permits custom branding and analytics, and secure streams.

    Vimeo Livestream also offers a range of pricing plans that meet the needs of different budgets and requirements. It is possible to try Vimeo Livestream without cost.


    • Full HD 1080p HD Live stream.
    • Brand control on the player as well as apps.
    • Ad-free streaming.
    • Social networks are gaining steam.
    • Unlimited live events.
    • Auto-archiving and management of video.
    • Live polls, Q&A sessions, audience chats, as well as graphical overlays.


    • High-quality streaming.
    • Save and organize streaming streams in a library that can be watched on-demand.
    • Interactive streaming tools that allow you to interact with viewers.
    • A variety of customizable live stream choices.


    • A small audience.
    • Limitations on registration.

    Switcher Studio

    Switcher Studio can be described as an iOS live stream application that lets users record live footage from a variety of cameras and edit them live in real-time while streaming to various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn as well as Twitch. The app offers three plans which include the Studio plan, which costs monthly fees of $49 and a Business plan at $69 a month, as well as a Merchant plan at $149 per month, which includes various options. In truth, it could be costly for smaller companies or for individuals. Also, the fact that it relies on iOS devices restricts its use.


    TikTok provides the “live” feature that allows users to stream videos live to their fans. For a live stream to begin TikTok live stream, you need to have at minimum 1,000 followers as well as 1,000 views of their content within the last 30 days. When these requirements have been fulfilled, they can begin streaming live by going to the “LIVE” option in the navigation menu to the left and selecting an image and a name for their live stream. TikTok live streams are an excellent way to interact with fans and create a community through the platform. In addition, it allows you to connect with a huge number of people.

    Cover It up

    In the current flurry of need for live streaming apps, It is essential to select those that provide excellent streaming quality and an easy-to-use experience. Every one of the live stream applications listed above has its own distinct features (or pros and cons). Therefore it’s best to pick one that suits the requirements of yours.

    After confirming the live streaming platforms, If you want to stream live on your smartphone to a PC and enjoy the live-time audio and display, it is possible to use Wootechy MirrorDisp. That’s it! Now, enjoy your live streaming!

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