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There was a problem parsing the package

    Google’s “There was a problem parsing the package” typically appears when you attempt to install an application using an insecure APK file. The error informs you that there was a problem parsing the package for the App means that the application (the APK) is problematic.

    If you’re trying to run the application you’re trying to install through APK; You may want to solve the issue. Here are some solutions that you can test for yourself.

    Primary Reasons For “There Was A Problem While Parsing The Package” Error

    While it’s not uncommon, mainly when using Android Pie or older versions, There could be a myriad of problems that cause your Android has trouble processing the file. Here are the most frequently-cited reasons that your device displays this error.

    The installation package, or the application itself that is installed, may be corrupted or suffer from packet loss.

    Web security or antivirus application is interfering with your application installation while it is running in the background.

    The “Install from Unknown Sources” option may be disabled under the phone’s “Settings.”

    The version you are using for the App is not compatible with the Android version of your device.

    There are some errors on the Cache or Cookies of your Android device (probably within the Play Store).

    An Android update could interfere with manifested files for the applications.

    In addition to these six main reasons for this issue, your Android might also have glitches and bugs within “System UI” that can cause this error.

    How do you fix the issue? Parsing error in the package?

    It is easy to solve the issue. There are three options to solve the problem.

    1. Installing from unknown sources

    Most of the time, we download applications from Google Play Store, but sometimes we download apps from different sources, and Android doesn’t allow us to install the apps.

    To resolve this issue, We must switch on “Allow installation from other sources.”

    Take these actions:

    1. Make sure to adjust the settings on your device.

    2. Scroll down and then click on Applications

    3. Check the box that says “Unknown sources to allow installation of non-Market Applications.”

    After setting these settings then, try installing .apk

    2. Check your APK file

    If the fix above fails, the next step is to look over the .apk file you downloaded. Verify that the file has been completed and is not damaged.

    If you downloaded from an alternative source other than Google Play Store, then download again from Google Play Store and attempt to install it.

    Android error “there was a problem parsing the package.”

    A lot of people ask what exactly this parsing is. The error in parsing happens when you attempt to install an application onto Android devices. After installing an application, we will encounter an error message stating, “there was a problem parsing the package.” If you own Samsung devices, you’d never look up “There was a problem parsing the package Samsung Galaxy” or similar expressions on the internet.

    If you encounter this error when you download an app, then it is likely that you’re unable to download the application due to a specific APK parser. The second question you could face is what causes this parse error.

    There are various reasons this message is displayed on your screen whenever you attempt to download an app.

    1.1 The file could have been downloaded in a sporadic manner

    1.2 The program may have issues with your hardware or operating system.

    1.3 This is due to a security setting

    1.4 The APK could be a corrupted file

    Inspect the APK File

    Then, try to look at the downloaded apk file to resolve the parse errors. Verify that it has been downloaded or damaged. If you’ve downloaded the (App) from the Google play store, then attempt to download it once more via Google Play Store and then try it again. If it’s not in the Google play store, make sure to download a new app file that’s not damaged and install it again. Some websites that allow you that download the apk file are apkmirrorand ask here. AndroidDrawer.

    I hope that this fix will correct the error in parsing.


    The ability to install third-party apps is blocked when using your Android phone. This is done to stop the installation of unapproved applications and to ensure that the other apps installed on your phone won’t install malware on your phone without notice. When you install the APK file, you’ll need to allow this permission. Here’s how.

    Step 1: Start your Settings App on your Android phone, and then go to the Apps section.

    2. Tap the three dots on the upper right area of the display.

    Step 3. Now, choose Special access.

    Step 4: Go down, and select Install unknown applications.

    5. You are presented with a list of all the apps installed on your smartphone. Select the toggle next to the App that you’ll use to install an APK file.

    For example, if you download the APK through Chrome, switch on the toggle beside it. If you’ve downloaded the APK from your PC to your phone and you’re planning to install it through the File Manager switch on the right side of that application only.

    Step 6: Try installing your APK file.

    Reinstall the App

    Another option to fix the issue is to reinstall the program that has not been installed when you activate Unknown Sources.

    Use File Manager Apps

    Specific devices show “There was a problem parsing the package” when installing apps on the SD card. Using file manager software such as AndExplorer and establishing proper APK files can also help fix the problem.

    Disable Antivirus.

    If you’ve installed apps like antivirus or cleaner applications, This can hinder the installation of some apps. This comes from the security function of the device. It blocks suspicious downloads from websites that aren’t trusted. If you truly want to install the App, remove the antivirus temporarily.


    Parse errors can be pretty frequent, with thousands of Android users across the globe encountering this issue when trying to install applications on their devices. Nothing frightening or alarming about this error message indicates an error in parsing on Android.

    It’s easy to fix this problem. Android users who complained that they encountered a problem in parsing the program affirmed that following these steps assisted them in resolving the issue without technical knowledge. Did we fix your problem? or do you have any other actions? Please let us know!

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