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The story of a low rank soldier becoming a monarch

    Chris, then a teenager, lost his right thumb on the battlefield. After many depressive episodes, he finally saw the truth. He was determined to survive with one arm and became a “mercenary,” proficient in combat and survival skills. Chris and his team were destroyed on a mission. When he fell with inexplicable regret into the cold water, Chris was near a mountain’s edge. Not to die, but… Rebirth. Is it possible to reverse his fate and get to the top again?


    I lost my right thumb on the battlefield at age 15. When I was 24, the skills I needed for survival were mastered. I was told over and over that I should quit. I’ll get grayer faster if I try to teach sojutsu to you.” “But if your disability wasn’t there, you could have learned everything you wanted. ” “Hey, let us collect herbs. “Why are you so obsessed with swordsmanship?” I fell off a rock when I was 39. I had no idea about the Artifact when I swallowed it.

    The Story of a Low-Rank soldier becoming a Monarch

    I lost my right arm on the battlefield in battle when I was 15. I learned all the skills that I needed for survival by the age of 24. But the constant refrain of being told was: “Just quit.” “Just be like everybody else.” I lost my left arm at 39 and fell off a rock face. I was 15 years old and reborn after I swallowed the Artifact. Chris has gone from Chris, the weather-worn mercenary, to Chris, the young soldier!

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    My right arm was broken on the battlefield when I was 15. I learned all the skills that I needed for survival by the age of 24. But, the one thing I kept hearing was, “Just quit!” “I’ll gray faster if I try and teach you sojutsu.” “Just live like everybody else.” In my 39th year, I fell from a cliff and lost my left hand. When I swallowed Artifact, I had no idea about… [Searching power…] – Availability of growth – Desire for knowledge. Abyssal greed. Power and tenacity. Talentless persistence. I reversed my instincts. I was reborn as a rookie 15-year-old. The experience points increased. >> Experience points increased >> Experience Points Increased! >> Experience Points increased! >> Experience point increased! >> Chris is now a young soldier and a weather-worn merchant mercenary. It’s the Story of a skillful young man who finds glory on battlegrounds. It’s the Story about a seemingly incompetent man pushing the limits and going above and beyond. It’s about an ordinary person becoming a knight. It’s about a joint monarch protecting his people. It’s the Story about a man returning to save his continent.

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