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The belmont principle of beneficence requires that

The Belmont Report states, Protect yourself from the risk of subject safety and be aware of the loss of benefits gained from the study. Ensuring the well-being of a subject in research is a matter of goodwill. As defined by the Belmont Report, the principle of beneficence obligates the researcher to adhere to two basic guidelines. Regarding the first rule of charity, Belmont’s report states that interrogators are “less harmful than anything else”.

Belmont principle of beneficence requires that Belmont concept of beneficence demands that

Subjects are at risk in a reasonable manner relative to the expected benefits.

The subjects gain personal benefits from their participation in studies. Risks for issues are considered to be reasonable when compared to expected benefits. The chances are controlled so that they are not more than minimal. The research makes a significant contribution to the generalization of knowledge.

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