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ssup meaning in chat

    Texting is a way to say what’s up!

    What is SSUP Mean?

    • Street Stand Up Paddle
    • Science and Sequence Update Process
    • Shiny Side Up Partnership

    What exactly is SSUP in aadhar?

    Update your Address online via the Self Service Update Portal (SSUP). To update other information like Demographic information (Name Address, Address, DoB Gender, Mobile Number, and Email) in Aadhaar.

    What exactly is SSUP for in the texting industry?

    The word”ssup! Texting is a way to say. What’s going on!

    Is whats up rude?

    “Sure – what’s up?” It’s an acceptable approach to inquire into what’s wrong; however, it is not formal. However, as a reply to someone who wants you to complete an application form, this isn’t logical.

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