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Sony TV No Sound [Fix It]

    There’s absolutely nothing even worse than buying a costly new television as well as having it not work properly. A common problem with Sony TVs is that the sound stops working and turns on by itself instantly, which isn’t precisely a great experience if you’re watching your favorite program or movie, and also the volume unexpectedly cuts out.

    The good news is, there are several fixes you can try in the house before employing the experts, so your tv will not be lying around ineffective while you wait to get it taken care of by someone else. Right here’s exactly how to repair a Sony television No Audio troubles in your home.

    Sony television no noise [Fix]

    Disconnect your television from the wall surface as well as wait 60 seconds. While unplugged, press as well as hold the power switch for 30 seconds. And plug your TV back in.

    Unplug the TV from Wall

    It might seem straightforward. However one of the most common approaches to obtaining your Sony TV ahead back on is to unplug it from the wall socket. Wait at least 60 seconds after disconnecting. Before plugging it back in, hold your horses and also ensure it’s gone to the very least a minute. Also press the power button on your Sony TV While it is unplugged.

    An update software program on Sony TV

    After the software application update is total, your video clip and also audio setups may reset back to their defaults. It’s likewise possible that your TV is turning on by itself as a result of the automated software application updates!

    Check output Settings

    If your Sony is readied to the wrong input, it will certainly attempt to play audio via that input. See to it the ‘Sound Outcome’ setting is set to the appropriate audio speaker if you’re using an external sound speaker or your TV’s internal audio speakers.


     It appears as though you are predestined to not enjoy your show and rather grab a book to read. While reviewing publications is enjoyable in its own right, after a lengthy week, that wishes to do that when you can consume a tasty beverage and see your favored show? Well, all hope is not shed! There is another step you can take.

    In your television settings, browse to the area that is entitled “reset”. You ought to see a choice in settings such as: “reset settings”, “remove setups”, “factory reset”, “reset to factory default” or something comparable. Select this choice to recover your TV settings to the initial setups.

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