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Remove Wall between Kitchen and Living Room before and after

    Removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room was the most brilliant thing we did in our kitchen renovation! Combining kitchen and dining room in a remodel can be one of your most genius moves ever. So to help on your quest, today we’re sharing all our tips learned from our kitchen remodel wall removal, plus before and afters!

    The original kitchen layout was actually the #1 reason we almost didn’t put in an offer on this house. The layout was poorly planned, the kitchen felt claustrophobic—and we weren’t sure how we could ever fix it. The original kitchen layout didn’t open to the dining room. (And while it was open to what they called “the dining nook,” that nook was small.

    Modern homes are all about clean lines and open spaces, which is why the concept of an open kitchen and dining area has found a lot of takers. While enclosed kitchens can often feel small, poorly ventilated, and outdated, open kitchens make homes look larger as well as better lit and better ventilated. If you live in an older home with an enclosed kitchen and feel the need for a modern kitchen, plan on removing the wall between your kitchen and living room during your next kitchen renovation as a first step to designing your open kitchen. Here’s a quick look at the process.

    Remove The Wall Between The Kitchen and Dining Room and Upgrade The Chandelier

    When you remove the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room, it can be crucial to pay attention to the details. These small things can really elevate your upgrade and transform the interior completely.

    Another major benefit of removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room is that you’ll have easier access between the two rooms. When you’re in the dining room and need something from the kitchen, it’s right there. When you’re in the kitchen and need to bring dishes in from the dining room…boom! Right there! No walls in your way!

    In this before picture, you may notice that there is a wall dividing the kitchen and dining room, causing a choppy feeling that blocks the flow between these rooms. The result is two separate spaces that are disconnected and disjointed.

    Now, we have no need for extra hutches or dining buffets. We simply keep everything we’d need at the dining table stored in our kitchen on that side of the room, and voila! Everything we need is easily at our fingertips.

    Additionally, you can try hanging an antique chandelier that is unique to this new sense of space. Go for a model that can reflect the atmosphere you are trying to encapsulate.

    Example Remodel Plan

    Two walls are removed in this sample project to alter the living room and kitchen space drastically. Where the two walls formerly met at a corner, a new column supports the original beam and the new beam.

    Removing the two walls between the kitchen and the living area makes more space available for a new peninsula counter or island, which creates a sense of openness for simple entertaining. While you cook a meal, guests can sit on the new peninsula.

    Don’t Forget About the Floor and Ceiling

    You’ll want to consider what happens to the floor and ceiling once you remove a wall. Hardwoods and popcorn ceiling may be difficult to patch up. Popcorn ceilings might require the entire roof to be scraped and refinished. With hardwood floors, it’s difficult to patch and make them blend seamlessly between the two rooms. If you have hardwood floors, it may be ideal to remove the wall when you’re planning on replacing the floors.

    Electrical and Plumbing

    If the wall you want to remove includes wires, plumbing, or cables, we will have to reroute everything. It makes the project a little more complicated and may require the assistance of an HVAC technician, plumber, or electrician. While not all walls include plumbing pipes or ductwork, it’s almost guaranteed to have electrical wiring in it. Luckily remodeling companies like Noma Design & Build can help coordinate and reroute all of this for you.

    It’s more challenging to install plumbing in the wall. Water and vent pipes can be shifted with little difficulty, but drain pipes are more complicated. Unless you are highly experienced with plumbing, hiring a plumber to move pipes may be advisable.

    Why the investment is worth It?

    Remove wall between kitchen and living room before and after is an investment worth considering if you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project. Here are some of the causes for this.

    • Your kitchen and dining room will appear larger and more elegant with the open space.
    • When you design an open concept kitchen, you will have more natural light and more incredible ventilation.
    • You’ll have more time for your family. And entertain friends because you’ll have more straightforward access to the rest of your house.
    • Most importantly, many home buyers seek out homes with an open floor plan. Your new kitchen will almost certainly fetch a higher price.

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