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Recent Trends In Social Media Marketing


    Social media is being used by people all around the world for all types of purposes. These purposes vary from connecting with people to marketing different products. For all the variety of uses it offers, social media has now become extremely popular. In fact, as per the reports of credible statistics agencies, there are at the bare minimum four billion people in the world who have been making use of at the very least one online social platform. The biggest ones out of all the social platforms are YouTube and Facebook with huge margins. While YouTube has a humungous subscriber base of at the very least as many as 4 billion people, Facebook, on the flip side, also has a gigantic user base of at the bare minimum as much as 3 billion. 

    Upon something being so prevalent and impactful in society, it makes all the more sense for all of us to want to promote whatever in the world we want to promote on it. The same is the case with businesses. All this is why companies all over the globe have not only researched opportunities to market different products but they have also spent chunks of resources on the findings of the research. In the case that you have just started a business, you have a lot to gain from leapfrogging off of the work of others and quickly gaining information about the findings as well. In this article, we will help you do just that by briefly describing some of the recent trends in social media marketing. Once you take into account what we have said and implement what you learn in the affairs of your company, your business will soon be on the verge of massive success like a lot of the ones that have taken advantage of our reporting before. But before we advance any further, we feel that it is important for us to explain something that can be of a huge advantage to any social media marketer. 

    A Noteworthy Advice

    In any campaign related to social media marketing, it is important for all of us to have quality internet. This is because there is nothing worse than the ruining of a Twitter space or the difficulty in uploading a marketing video due to a lack of top-notch internet. In the scenario that your internet is not currently up to the mark for, at the bare minimum, marketing products and/or services on social media, we would advise you to subscribe to Xfinity Internet. We say this because Xfinity simply never disappoints in terms of the speed of the connection or its reliability.

    What Are The Recent Trends In Social Media Marketing?

    Now that we have explained to you the importance of promoting your offerings on social media and also how to ensure that you have an internet infrastructure good enough for this kind of marketing, we will be going ahead and telling you about the different ways in which the world of marketing offerings on social media is changing.

    Influencer Marketing

    The logic for influencer social media marketing is simple. The decisions of the masses are heavily impacted by the people they admire. When the masses using social media see the big guns they follow using a certain product or service, they are much likelier to use those products or services as well. Influencer social media marketing takes place in two broad ways: 

    • The first way is in which a company promotes a certain offering of theirs through a star on its own profile. 
    • The second way is in which a social media star promotes a company’s offering on their social media page. 

    For both of these scenarios, the celebrity is paid by the company who’s offering is being promoted.

    Customer Service

    A lot of companies have started investing resources into the provision of customer service through social media. The logic goes as follows. Customers will feel more confident in complaining via social media platforms as they know that everyone will know if their requests or complaints are not catered to. On the other hand, a social media customer service presence shows that a company is willing to show its consumer care practices to the whole world. This transparency then builds trust in the brand.


    We hope this article has given you a better idea of how social media marketing is being performed lately.  

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