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RCA TV Won’t Turn On

    It’s bothersome and irritating to have a television that is activating, specifically if you don’t understand what’s wrong with it. The issue may be little or significant. However, before taking it to a repair shop, you need to initially establish it on your own.

    Nevertheless, there are a variety of reasons why your RCA TV will not activate. For instance, the power switch might be stuck, the red power light is blinking, or nothing whatsoever is taking place when you press the power switch.

    You don’t require to understand the exact reason to repair it on your own, yet you do require an overview that can aid you to repair it promptly.

    Manufacturing facility reset RCA TELEVISION

    With the television powered on (hopefully unplugging it or removing the remote batteries could briefly power the television) click the House switch on your remote.

    After that go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Manufacturing Facility Reset > Factory Reset Everything. Your TV will turn off as well as on once more and then show the preliminary configuration screen.

    This will essentially restore your RCA television to the settings it carried the day you bought the television.

    Utilize the television’s Power Button

    Lots of people do use the remote to turn on their television. Though when a remote is not operating well, you will certainly not be able to switch your tool on. With that, you might have to attempt turning the RCA television on by utilizing its power switch.

    In case it turns on using the switch then it is clear the remote is the problem. For that reason, it’ll be recommended that you change the remote. Moreover, before you exchange it, you can attempt changing the batteries initially.

    And If you did it recently, after that there is a possibility your remote is not working as well as there’s a demand to switch it.

    Front Panel Lock

    The front panel lock is one of the numerous parental controls installed on your RCA TELEVISION. This feature prevents children from turning on a TV without push-button control. This attribute might be turned off through the primary menu on your TV. If this function is made possible, your TV might remain stuck in standby setting up until you perform a power cycle of the collection.

    Look For HDMI Wire:

    RCA TVs have an HDMI input which permits you to connect your HDTV to a cable box or satellite receiver.

    Sometimes, your cable television or satellite business can block the connection between your RCA TV and your tools. So, it may not enable your television to turn on.

    To examine if this holds:

    Just unplug your RCA television from the wall surface

    Get rid of the RCA connects from completions of the HDMI cable

    And afterward, reconnect whatever.

    Try a different power electrical outlet

    While not likely the cause, if you’re still having no good luck up till this point after that I would attempt plugging your RCA TV into various power electrical outlets in your home.

    Sometimes electrical outlets have a brief or a blown fuse as well as we simply don’t understand it.

    Additionally, if you don’t wish to lug your TV around, you can just order another smaller home appliance and connect it right to the outlet you’re attempting to make use of for your television.

    If you see that tool power on then you know that a certain electrical outlet is working and that’s most likely not your problem.

    Consumer Assistance

    Some troubles can not be user serviced and need to be fixed by a qualified specialist. If your television continues to be in a standby setting after disabling the front panel lock, altering electric outlets, and carrying out a power cycle, you need to get in touch with RCA client support (see Resources).


    It’s currently clear that you can conveniently reset your RCA TV. And with a correct adjustment of your television setup, you can get rid of numerous concerns related to its arrangement. Additionally, the right configuration and tweaking of the choices from the setups food selection will provide you with a much better performance in its entirety.

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