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OIL To GAS Conversion Cost Calculator

A lot of New Yorkers have the choice to heat their homes with natural gas or oil. Boro Energy offers both fuels; however, we believe oil is the best choice for most customers. The Consumer Energy Council of America advises consumers to change their heaters instead of change fuels, and we’re with them. If, however, you’re committed to the evolving fuels and switch to gas, we’re willing to assist. For more information, visit our Oil-to Gas Conversions page. Here’s how oil heat and natural gas perform concerning a handful of critical factors for those who aren’t sure the best way to go.

Fuel-Switching Calculator

Consider the potential costs and savings from the primary heat source in your home from propane fuel oil, propane natural gas, electric or baseboard into the air-source heat pump natural gas or geothermal. Enter the correct values into each field below, and then hit the “calculate” button.

Emergency service and preventive maintenance As a Boro Energy member, you can choose the type of fuel you like without sacrificing service since we offer a complete array of services for commercial and residential customers, with 24-hour emergency service for both kinds of systems.

Price The price was lower in all 17 of those years between 1992 until 2008. The annual average cost of oil heat within New York State was lower than the average yearly cost of gas used by utilities as per the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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