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Microsoft Made a Desk Speaker That’s Also a USB Type-C Hub

    When you add peripherals such as cameras, docks, or speakers, desktop clutter can quickly grow. If you’re a fan of sleek design, then the latest Microsoft Audio Dock Speaker might be perfect for you.
    Microsoft unveiled its Audio Dock at the company’s hardware event. It also revealed its Surface Laptop 5, the Surface Pro 9, the Surface Laptop 5, and the Surface Studio 2+. Microsoft states that the dock is compatible with “premium audio” with a 15-watt woofer and five-watt tweeters. However, it can also function as a USB hub that can be used to plug in numerous other devices.

    There’s a built-in Teams button specifically designed to join and participate in Teams-related meetings (such as lifting or lowering your hands). Two microphones facing forward and noise-canceling are included to enhance the conferencing capabilities, along with an unmute/mute control button with indicator light.

    This Audio Dock has four connection ports on its rear. Unit. These include two USB-C 3.1 and one USB-A, an HDMI input, and an energy-saving power transfer to ensure that your computer or devices are fully charged. Two monitors can be connected via the multi-stream transportation (MST) equipped USB-C and HDMI.

    Microsoft has also launched the Presenter+ tool for presenters. It was designed to integrate with the most popular meeting applications and is, in the end, the first tool that has been certified to work with Microsoft Teams. Similar to its predecessor, the Audio Dock, there is a dedicated Teams button that allows you to join meetings or, with a long press, lets you move your hands up or down. This Bluetooth-connected device features controls to advance slides, mute/unmute, and a screen cursor and other functions.

    Microsoft Presenter+ on a desk. Microsoft Presenter+ on a desk.
    These new and updated accessories and the Surface products will be available shortly through Microsoft and Best Buy.


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