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in each reaction box, place the best reagent and conditions from the list below.

    The problem is that in each reaction container, you must place the best chemical and conditions from the following list.

    Every Organic Chemistry Practice Problems Addition Practice Problems for Retrosynthesis
    Select the necessary reagents for the process shown below.
    Include the best condition and reagent from the list below in each reaction container.
    Inside each reaction box, put the appropriate reagent and conditions from the following list: 2 equivalent NaNH2, CH3Br H2O and H2SO4. HgSO4 excess NaNH2, Na the NH3 (l),H2O2…
    For each reaction container, put the appropriate reagent and conditions below.
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    Our teachers have advised that you’ll have to apply an Addition Retrosynthesis concept to resolve this issue. If you need further Addition retrosynthesis training, you could also try Addition Retrosynthesis exercises.

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    Based on our research, we believe this issue is relevant to the class of Professor Atim at SCAR.

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