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If A Male And A Female Who Weigh The Same Consume The Same Amount of Alcohol:

    When two men and females of similar weight drink the same volume of alcohol which one is more likely to drink? Males and females react to alcohol differently. Even though they consume an identical amount of alcohol, it is much easier for females to drink than males. Find out more information with BestLifeTips.

    If females and males weigh the same weight, they consume the equivalent amount of alcohol

    A. Males with BACs are more likely to be higher.
    B. A female’s blood alcohol content is most likely to be more
    C. The BAC levels of both will be identical
    D. None of these is mentioned.


    A woman’s alcohol BAC will be more likely to be higher than females, and males who weigh the same weight consume an identical amount of alcohol.

    Females’ BAC is most likely to be less because women weigh less than men, so the exact amount of alcohol will be found in lower quantities in female bodies.

    If females and males who weigh the same consume the equivalent amount of alcohol, they will be the same.
    “BAC” is a term used to describe the amount of alcohol consumed. “BAC” refers to Blood Alcohol Content or Blood Alcohol Concentration, and it’s an indicator of drinking alcohol to be used for legal or medical purposes. When two men and females of similar weight consume the same amount of alcohol, the BAC for women will likely be higher. It is clear that women are generally smaller than men and have lesser blood flow. If they consume an identical amount of alcohol and alcohol, the BAC of their blood is greater. This is discussed below.

    Lower Blood Volume in Women

    Women have fewer fluids in their bodies than men. Though a man’s body comprises 61 percent water, a woman’s body is only 52 percent. So, the male body is more effective at decreasing harmful effects caused by alcohol than a woman’s. More alcohol gets stored in female bodies and raises her BAC.

    Evidence Against the Health Claim

    Few people know that the liver can process a certain amount of alcohol in an hour. But, most people think that the rate at which metabolism is accelerated through alcohol is the same for all people, regardless of gender. There is no evidence to support the idea that women drink faster than males.

    Less Dehydrogenase (ADH) in Women

    The rule of thumb is that women are less likely to have ADH than men. ADH is an enzyme located in the stomach and liver responsible for breaking down alcohol. The inability of ADH is not as effective in breaking down alcohol in the female body compared to male bodies. This implies that more alcohol gets taken up by women’s bloodstreams than men’s, which means women are more likely to drink.

    Hormonal Differences

    There are hormonal variations in men and women that could alter how alcohol is processed. If menstrual cycles are in full swing, females are subject to hormonal changes that can alter the rate of their alcohol consumption. It is believed that the metabolism for alcohol typically decreases before the menstrual cycle, and this means more alcohol is in the bloodstream of women, which can increase the BAC. Birth control pills and other estrogen medications can reduce alcohol metabolism for women.

    The reasons for why choices A-C, D, and A aren’t accurate:


    BAC is the abbreviation used to define the concentration of blood alcohol in the blood. The term is used to measure alcohol intake for medical or legal reasons.

    The blood alcohol level is the percentage of alcohol present within a person’s bloodstream. Numerous factors affect the absorption and utilization of alcohol by a person’s bloodstream, and the most important elements are gender, the amount of weight you carry, and health issues.

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