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I Smoked Before Surgery Forum

    It is now a better moment than ever before to stop smoking.

    “Smoking prior to surgery puts you at greater risk of postoperative heart attacks and pneumonia, blood clots and perhaps even death” claims Pulmonologist Humberto Choi, MD. “When I plan surgeries, I inform my patients to stop smoking as soon as possible.”

    Although it’s more difficult to say than do, stopping smoking cigarettes can make a significant impact on overall health as well as recovery after surgery. Actually the more time you stay away from smoking cigarettes, the higher chances you have of a successful recovery, along with other benefits.

    How can smoking influence my results from cosmetic surgery?

    Smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and the application of nicotine patches and gum before and after surgery can significantly hinder your healing and can increase chance of getting an infections. An infection of the surgical site may develop any time within a period of 1-2 days after surgical procedure until it is fully healed. In the case of delayed wound healing, it could result in the wounds appearing larger and visible, affecting the final appearance.

    The anaesthetic could cause smokers to develop chest infections after surgery, which is why it is crucial to follow MYA’s post-op and post-operative instructions and be nicotine-free.

    The healing process for wounds takes longer

    The presence of carbon monoxide in the body strips tissues of oxygen they require to heal. The toxins that are present in smoking blood also permeate the tissues, which slows the healing process. If you smoke prior to your surgery, you could be more prone to infections as oxygen is the primary source to heal wounds.

    Even if you stop smoking within 24 hours prior to your procedure, it could increase the oxygen levels in your body. Whatever your age, whether you’re new to smoking or have been smoking for 20 years, it’s important to stop smoking no any level.

    Are MYA patients be required to pass the nicotine test?

    It is true that MYA Patients will be required to undergo an examination for nicotine prior to their procedure. If the nicotine test is found to be positive during the procedure, the patient’s surgery will be cancelled at the patient’s own expense.

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