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how to view watch history on tiktok

    You might have lost a TikTok you liked, shared, favorited, or favourited. It’s easy to recover that video.

    You can find a list of all your TikTok videos, so you can rewatch them or share them with your friends. However, you can also delete videos from the list.

    You can ensure that no one finds out about the gift research and dance tutorials you’ve been watching in your bedroom.

    Follow these steps to see your TikTok watch record. You can also scroll down to the Troubleshooting Section of this guide to learn how to delete particular videos or the entire history.

    Is It Possible to See TikTok History Via “Hidden View?”

    If you have been using TikTok long enough, you may have noticed the “hidden views” feature. It shows you the history of the videos you have viewed through your account.

    If you look at this hidden view feature, you will see that you have watched millions of videos from TikTok. This is quite shocking. Popular content creators can even be shocked by the number and size of their views.

    Unfortunately, the hidden view numbers do not reflect the last video you watched or the watch history of TikTok.

    The question now is: What exactly is Cache?

    As it is often referred to, Cache is temporary storage used by applications to store data. This is primarily for speeding up their processes and improving their performance.

    TikTok – How to view your watch histories

    Tap on the Menu icon on your profile, then click “Settings and Privacy.”

    Once you’re done with your settings, tap the “Watch History” button to access your TikTok videos of the past 7 Days.

    TikTok added a Watch history feature to their site in March 2023. It allows users to search for videos that have appeared on their page, “For You.”

    Before you could see your watch history, it was necessary to download your data file. It is a complicated and lengthy process.

    The beta version of the feature has yet to be available to everyone.

    If you don’t have this feature, you can either wait to get it or use the second alternative.

    How to find your TikTok watch record on iOS or Android

    Even though people with iPhones had access to their TikTok history before Android users, the process has since been unified as it should.

    All you have to do on iOS is tap Profile in the bottom right. Hit the main menu (three lines in the top left), touch Settings privacy, find Comment & watch history under Content & Display, and choose Watch history. If you do not comment, the Watch record will be hidden until you open the settings or privacy menu.

    Android follows the same steps: Profile > main menu (three lines) > Settings & Privacy> Comment and history > Watch history will be displayed after the Settings and Privacy.

    No matter what mobile OS you use, every video you have watched in the last 180 days will be displayed. If you are trying to find an older video, you can use the TikTok search (tips above).

    Scroll down this page to find a video that you’ve recently watched. Be warned, though: not everything is there. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a complete video or just loaded and then autoplay as you move around TikTok. Stories and Lives are your only options for videos.

    How to View Your Watch History on TikTok on a PC

    Most importantly, downloading your TikTok data to a personal computer is the best way to access your watched history.

    Follow these steps for TikTok data downloads on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    TikTok will open your browser.

    Tap the “profile” icon at the top right corner and choose “Settings.”

    Select “Data” in the “Privacy” section.

    Check that “TXT” is selected in the section “Select file type,” and then click the “Request information” button.

    Click the “Download Data” tab to see the request’s status.

    Once you have access to your data, be patient and download it.

    Look for the “View Browsing text file” to see all videos you have viewed or partially viewed.

    TikTok offers millions of new videos every single day. It can be easy to lose your way on TikTok. TikTok has no “Watch History” option. There are—however, a few options to rewatch your favorite videos.

    You can use the watch history feature.

    TikTok also integrated the watch history feature in its app. To view your watch histories:

    Go to your profile and tap on the three lines in the upper-right corner.
    Then tap Privacy and settings.
    Finally, choose Watch history from the Content & activity section.
    This screen will allow you to browse the video you have seen in the last seven days. You can also view your watch history for more than seven consecutive days.

    What if the Watch History Feature is not available to me?

    TikTok’s “Watch History” button is missing for some reason. However, access to your video watch histories can be obtained. TikTok is happy to provide a copy of your data upon request. This file can contain your profile and comments history, followed list, registration histories, likes list, settings, and registration history. These are also possible methods to try:

    Use the Discover Tab

    TikTok makes it easy to view your watch history using the discover tab. Here’s how it works.

    First, navigate to the Discover Tab. Click the Search icon in the upper right corner.
    Discover tab

    Enter a search keyword here. Select “Search” from the drop-down menu.
    To the right, click on the Filters symbol. Toggle the Watched Video option. Click the Apply button.
    You can also watch videos.

    Request your Data

    The second way to access your TikTok watch history is by sending a request through your account. Here’s how it works:

    Go to the personal profile page. Then, look for the three-lined icon in the upper right corner. Click it.
    Next, tap the Settings & Privacy button. Click on the Privacy tab, and then select Request data.
    request data

    Follow the guidelines.

    How do I find a comment on a video?

    Unfortunately, there’s no native feature for this. However, as it’s a likely video you watched, it’ll be listed in your viewed video history (if it falls within seven days).

    You may also track it using a few different methods. You’ll receive notifications if you comment on a post and others like it or respond to it. You can find the video you commented on by going to your messages.

    The other option is searching for the video by keywords, hashtags, or filters. To narrow down the results or to view the profile of the person who uploaded the video,

    What is The TikTok History Timeline

    TikTok history timeline is data showing you the history and dates of all your activities on TikTok. This data can be dated from the TikTok app’s inception. It is a history report of the TikTok app.


    So, your TikTok watch history is accessible on Android and iOS devices. However, it is not available for PC. However, it is possible to download the watch history on your Android and iOS devices, then share it with your computer so you can view it.

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