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how to unsubscribe from apple tv

    Apple TV+’s focus on original content is what makes it stand out, but that also means that there is less streaming content than some of the competitors. It is easy to get bored and have nothing to watch.

    You can terminate your Apple TV+ subscription at any time on any device that supports Apple ID.

    Apple TV+ is available until the end of the current subscription period, even if you cancel it. If you’re halfway through a monthly subscription or trial, there are still a few weeks left to stream TV shows and movies on your devices.

    How to cancel Apple TV+ via iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

    You can cancel Apple TV+ directly from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple Support has the following instructions.

    Open the settings app.
    Tap on the name.
    Get subscriptions.
    Choose the subscription you wish to cancel (in Apple TV+’s case).
    Click on “Cancel Subscription”, you may need to scroll down to see the “Cancel Subscription”, button.

    Canceling Apple TV+ on a mobile device

    The easiest and fastest way to cancel Apple TV+ is on your mobile device. All Apple subscriptions can be managed from one spot on iOS. Get your iPhone or iPad and we’ll show you how.

    Step 1: Log in to your home screen. Next, open Settings.

    Step 2: In the upper portion of Settings, choose your name/icon. Then, you can select Apple ID or iCloud. Select Subscriptions in the new screen. You may need to sign back into your Apple Account again.

    Step 3 – Here you can see all subscriptions that Apple has directly. Apple TV+ is included in this list. So find it and pick it.

    Step 4 – Now you can view all details regarding your Apple TV+ subscription. This includes when the renewal/pay date was. You will see different information depending on whether your trial is still active. However, the main part is at the bottom where you can cancel your subscription. Click this.

    Step 5: Confirm your cancellation. Apple will notify you when your current subscription is ending.

    What’s included in an Apple TV+ subscription?

    Apple TV+ gives you access to Apple Originals. Apple releases new content monthly. You can also download content offline.

    Can Apple TV Plus be canceled at any moment?

    Apple TV Plus can be canceled at any moment. Open the Settings App on your Apple TV, and then select Accounts > Manage Subscribers. Click on the Cancel Subscription icon next to Apple TV Plus.

    How do you cancel your Apple subscription?

    To cancel your Apple subscription click on Manage Subscriptions in your account settings.

    How do I share my Apple TV+ Subscription with my Family?

    First, you need to set up Apple TV + Family Sharing. On a Mac, go into System Preferences > family sharing and accept responsibility. On iOS devices, go to Settings > personal > Family Sharing > Add family member and tap the channels to be shared. Next, go to Family Sharing > TV Channels.

    Apple TV: Unsubscribe

    Open Settings on Apple TV. Click Users and Accounts and then select Subscriptions. You will see a list listing all subscriptions connected to your Apple TV.

    Select Apple TV+ subscriptions and then select the Cancel Subscription option. Confirm cancellation to complete the process.

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