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How To Undo Not Interested Videos On TikTok

    One of the worst issues on TikTok happens when users mistakenly select ‘Not interested’ when they are watching a video you liked.
    It is just next to the option to download the video. This is something is what you normally do with the videos you truly enjoy.

    However, is there any way to reverse or undo this?

    In this post, we’ll go over the essential information you should know.

    How come people make the mistake of tapping on ” not interested” in TikTok?

    Some users tap “Not interested” on TikTok due to the button is near to another one “Save videos”. The display is small for phones and users can scroll fast. Furthermore, the buttons could appear identical, and brand people who are new to the app may not be familiar with what the app is. TikTok has attempted to enhance the interface, however, it could be a problem because TikTok is extremely fast and scrolls fast.

    Can You Undo ‘Not Interested’ On TikTok?

    However, it doesn’t appear there is an alternative to revert it once you’ve clicked ‘Not interested’. But, there could be the possibility of minimizing and possibly reversing the impact.

    Some believe that if they know who posted the video and the username of who made the video or if they like the original video, it is possible to revisit the video, and then reverse the entire process.

    I’ve tried it on my own, but that wasn’t the case.

    The Not Interested button shows on the videos that pop onto Your For You page. If you hit the share button to bring out more options, the button that says “Not Interested” does not appear on videos on profiles of people as well as on the “Following” tab.

    Furthermore, since TikTok removes the video at the point you click “Not Interested,” it is impossible to recover it. but we can reduce the impact (which I’ll discuss later.)

    How do you dislike the content of a TikTok video?

    • Click on the video to hold it for a while, often referred to as an extended-press.
    • If you hold the button for a long time the button, a menu will pop out with options such as “Save Video,” Add to Favorites,” Report,” or “Not in it.”
    • If you’re looking to record the fact that you don’t like this particular video, just tap”Not interested. To further expand on your displeasure, however, through tapping More.
    • When you tap More, you will be presented with a menu that gives you the choice to hide videos of the account or to hide any videos featuring this particular sound. This option can be useful when there’s a popular track or audio that everyone can love, but not the person who is.

    What can you do to remove a Like in TikTok?

    If you want to keep a particular video that you aren’t interested in from having an impact on your algorithm be sure to stay clear of that video.

    If you accidentally click on the “Like” heart in the video, just repeat the tap and the video will not appear as a movie you love. If you find a video that you are not a fan of and wish to avoid but want to see less of, then make sure that you follow this process as described in the above section.

    Four causes TikTok’s “Not Inspiring” function might not work

    A lot of TikTok users have complained about instances in which this feature does not exactly fulfill its promise. Instead of having a customized feed, users continue to view videos they’ve declared “Not Inspiring”. P.S. Are you wondering how to reverse “Not Interested” on TikTok?

    Learning curve of algorithms

    The algorithm behind TikTok is an intricate machine, that continuously learns from the interactions you make. Although it might not instantly alter your feed when you hit “Not In the Interest,” it could take some time before the algorithm can learn. If you keep marking the same type of content as uninteresting it will affect the FYP at some point.

    I would like to see tiktok understand that the non-interest feature was just as Twitter can cause

    User error

    There are times when the problem may not lie with TikTok it’s with how you utilize the application. Unintentional tapping, glitches, or misunderstanding of the nature of a video could result in a misusing “Not Interested” feature. Make sure you are aware of what you’re doing and make sure you’re making use of the feature.

    Content Variety

    TikTok is about a variety of content. It may intentionally expose you to a variety of different videos to make your experience more interesting. Even if you choose to mark a particular video as “Not In the Mood,” TikTok might continue to add a variety to keep you entertained.

    I’m pretty sure that I’m convinced that the “not at all” option on TikTok doesn’t work.

    Updates to apps as well as bugs

    Similar to other apps, TikTok occasionally has its fair share of glitches and bugs. There could be a problem with the app’s program or the latest update could disrupt the operation of the “Not In the Interest” feature. In these instances, TikTok’s development team typically works to resolve these issues within the next releases.

    How to make “Not interested” make sense for you

    As TikTok strives to make sure that the “Not Inquiring” feature is functioning smoothly There are some helpful tips to help you get the most out of it

    Make sure to mark videos “Not Inquiring” even if you aren’t interested in seeing any more of the material. This will help you train the TikTok algorithm as it evolves throughout.

    Engage positively in a way that is compatible with your interests through liking, sharing, or posting comments. TikTok will take these interactions into the mix when curating your feed.

    Be sure to look for updates and be sure that your TikTok application is kept up to current. Sometimes, bugs can be fixed with newer versions of the app, so making sure your application is current could fix any issues.

    TikTok welcomes user feedback. If you have issues using the “Not In the Loop” option, you can contact the customer support department or via their social platforms.


    What is the meaning of the “not interested” button on TikTok signify?

    The “Not Inquiring” button in TikTok signifies that you don’t enjoy a particular piece of information. This feedback is fed to the algorithm that recommends content on TikTok which affects what content appears on your feed.

    How do I say I don’t like TikTok?

    To let people know that you don’t enjoy a TikTok video, just tap the “Not interested” button. It’ll allow you to alter the feed according to your preference.

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