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How to Unblock Websites

    Do you need help determining what steps to take to remove a blocked website or gain access to content that is geo-restricted? This detailed guide guides you through the simplest ways to deblock websites in a short time. This involves the use of a VPN as well as proxies and utilizing other browsers.

    Sites are often blocked for a myriad of reasons and from different sources like companies, teachers, and even governments due to a variety of significant problems. This will be discussed in depth when we go through this information. If this is for you, let’s dive in!

    Accessing Restricted Websites

    To deblock or remove restrictions from restricted websites, you can try the VPN service or the proxy server. It is also possible to make use of Tor, the Tor browser, to gain access to blocked websites. The DNS configuration can assist. A different option is using the web-based proxy or browser extension. The switch to HTTPS or using mobile data connectivity could also work.


    This article extends our previous article about what to do if a website does not appear to be open. A few of these tips could be repeated in the article. In case you’re unable to launch or browse certain websites, There are several suggestions you could test.

    What Websites are Frequently Blocked?

    A variety of websites are blocked all over the world due to Internet filters and censorship. Specific sites are more often blocked in comparison to others, like social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as news sites. Another website that is regularly shut down is Google. If governments block these well-known websites and social networks, they restrict the dissemination of crucial information and also limit access for users. It’s essential to understand the rights you have, to defend your Internet liberties, and to have access to the Internet without restriction. This is the reason why the downloading of the VPN is essential. With a VPN, all users are able to access websites of all kinds and not be subjected to restrictions on access.

    Your ISP blocks it.

    Though less prevalent than other kinds of blocks we’ve talked about up to now, a large number of Internet customers are affected by blocks imposed by their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    The reasons behind ISP blocks may differ. They’re generally designed to stop internet traffic that violates local laws or Terms of Service. Contrary to the federal government “hard blocks,” ISP “soft blocks” are typically simpler to circumvent using VPNs, proxy servers, as well as other techniques. Switching DNS servers is a simple way enough to bypass ISP blockages.

    Most Internet users don’t know of the fact that their internet provider blocks them. A common cause is that the blocks could be an essential add-on that is designed to protect your online experience. But, certain ISPs could also block access in order to protect their security interests.

    Visit the Site’s IP Address Directly Instead of Its URL

    If your ISP blocks access to a specific website, the reason could be that the URL of the site is blocked. That is, you are still able to browse the website by an alternative method that doesn’t require a URL (i.e., simply visiting the site’s IP address).

    What’s the difference between URLs and IP addresses? A URL basically is an exact link to a web page, which includes the protocol identifier (HTTP HTTP or www.)://) and URL names (example:

    While you can connect to via its URL, you can also directly access it using the IP address

    Therefore, instead of entering in the address bar, input, and the result is identical. If the address is blocked, but the IP hasn’t been blocked, you’ll be able to get around the blockage and gain access to the website’s content.

    Install a VPN and proxy browser extension.

    If you are looking to remove a block on the activity of a website such as YouTube, Twitter, or Amazon using a proxy for websites, then more than a web-based one is needed. You can instead install a proxy in the format of an extension to your browser (we would recommend Smartproxy) to use with your Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. The type of unblocker for websites tool can allow you to surf with ease and allow you to pick different servers based on your requirements.

    It is also possible to test a VPN browser extension to use as an alternative to downloading the software onto your computer. Many VPNs with big names offer extensions to use to use your favorite browser.

    Repair system files

    The corrupted files on your system and hardware issues can lead to many kinds of issues. In order to identify the source and fix it, you do not need to examine these elements one at a time but instead conduct a short, automatic scan of your system.

    Fortect is a compelling program that specializes in Windows repair and maintenance to make your PC more efficient. The program scans for a complete view of the health of your PC in order to fix and replace any damaged or lost data on your PC (registry keys and DLL files). This is like a new installation of Windows and Windows. However, you should maintain your settings, programs, personal data, settings, and user preferences precisely as they are.

    Install and download Fortect.

    Start Fortect and select Yes to begin a free scan of your computer.

    Fortect will check your PC extensively. It could take several minutes.

    When you’re done, you’ll be able to see the complete report of the errors on your PC. To resolve them, you need to click on START REPAIR. It is necessary to buy the complete version. But don’t worry. If Fortect does not resolve the problem, then you may request an exchange after 60 days.

    Find an intelligent DNS.

    An intelligent DNS is similar to a mixture of DNS and proxy, with DNS serving as the one that converts web addresses into IP addresses for devices that can be used for online communications.

    The service manages a list of sites. If it determines that you’d like to connect to the website or company that uses geoblocking, it redirects the traffic to the proxy in order to allow it access. Since you’re not utilizing an intermediary all of the time, your web speed is generally more efficient.

    One way to obtain an intelligent DNS is to sign up as a Surfshark subscriber and then follow this guide on how to utilize Surfshark’s competent DNS. One of the main advantages is that you do not have to set it up, however, unlike a VPN that encrypts your internet connection or handles complex blockages.

    Unblock Website via Host File

    If this method does fail, or you did not see the site that was restricted on the list, you might need to modify the settings in the host files of your computer.

    Step 1 Open File Explorer and navigate to the following location.


    Step 2: You can locate the host file at the end of the path. If it’s not there, you can turn it off using the view properties in the directory.

    Step 3: Right-click on the host’s file, then open it using the notepad.

    Step 4: In the log files of hosts, You may see the URL that you’re trying to access. However, it is blocked by Google. You should look for numbers, which signifies that the website is blocked.

    Step 5: Delete it from the folder and Save the document.

    So you’re able to eliminate any obstructions on the web page you would like to go to.

    CyberGhost VPN: Great for those who are just starting. CyberGhost allows you to unblock websites with ease. There is a listing of dedicated servers to the most popular streaming platforms so that it is possible to unblock the ones you require. It has strong encryption as well as an unblocking policy—a generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

    IPVanish IPVanish VPN provides servers in over twenty cities across the US. This is particularly useful to allow you to access blocked websites in the US when you are abroad. It works together with Netflix US and Netflix US. However, there are other streaming providers that do not work—secure features that are robust and secure, as well as 30-day money-back assurance.

    AtlasVPN is a fast VPN that implements WireGuard as a default. It is able to bypass blockages with ease no matter where you are around the globe. It has strong security, a kill switch to block ads, and the ability to filter malware. Compatible with the most popular streaming services. 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Hide. me

    Hide. Me’s Proxy Browser offers a very private web-based proxy available to bypass school-related limitations. This is because the company has a zero-logs policy, which means they don’t maintain any logs about your activities when you use the proxy.

    Web proxy is also believed to provide a more significant amount of security compared to HMA or KProxy. It is not just the choice to “Encrypt URL,” but they can also “Encrypt Page.”

    However, Hide. I provide no information on what these options really are.

    Though it’s far from the security level offered by VPNs or the Tor browser, it is a start. VPN or Tor browser is an improvement in the correct direction. It could help keep more sophisticated filtering of content at schools to block your internet connection using keyword detection.

    Balancing Privacy and Security Concerns

    Blocking content and websites can cause security and privacy issues, in addition to exposing users to phishing or malware attacks. It is recommended to use an authentic and safe unblocking tool and also take other security measures, including security software and antivirus, to secure your devices.

    Unblocking websites and other content may help users access restricted content and information. But, it is essential to take into consideration the ethical and legal consequences of this and select a reputable and safe unblocking tool. With the help of these methods and guidelines outlined in this post, it will allow you access to content that you require while also protecting your security and privacy.

    Does it violate the law to allow unblocking of websites?

    Sites can be shut down at work, school, or even the website itself for various reasons. This is contingent on the place you live and the situation or the jurisdiction you are in. It may not be legal to debunk a website.

    Could VPN affect the Wi-Fi connection?

    Yes. VPN may cause a slowdown in the speed of your Internet speed. In some instances, speeds are reduced by up to 50%. But, it doesn’t end the Internet connection.

    What should you do if proxy servers don’t work to connect to blocked sites?

    If proxy servers don’t work while trying to access blocked sites, You can also attempt Google Translate or Tor to gain access to blocked websites.

    Are you able to unblock sites on your smartphone?

    Access blocked websites via your Android as well as iPhone by using VPNs such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost. Also, it is recommended that you test the Tor browser for access to blocked websites on your mobile.

    What can I do to unblock a site using Chrome?

    The Chrome extension from ExpressVPN! Apart from helping you remove blocked websites from the Chrome browser, this extension also comes with a variety of advantages for security, including automatically redirecting you to the safer HTTPS version when it is available, as well as preventing websites from finding your actual IP address and whereabouts.


    The blocking of websites can be very frustrating and can be a hindrance, particularly when it restricts our access to essential data or limits our internet activities. With the strategies and techniques that are discussed in this blog, you are able to unblock websites and bypass these limitations.

    Be sure to select reputable companies, protect your devices, and keep up-to-date with the new techniques to circumvent.

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