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How to Turn Off Trending Searches on Google Chrome

    Nearly everyone uses Google to find things. You might have noticed it every time you try to find something. Google provides you with a list of famous or popular searches that people are searching for. This article will assist you if you want to turn off the trending search feature Google feature.

    Many people find this pertinent. However, some do not care. It could be relevant to their preferences. It’s normal to be annoyed, and it’s here if you’ve been looking for a method to disable the feature.

    We’ve all seen some of the bizarre or bizarre suggestions that show up when we type in Google. Although for the majority of the time, it is interesting to know what’s popular, Google’s Autocomplete feature can be a bit naive.

    What are Trending Searches in Chrome?

    Google Chrome isn’t resource-hogging, and its close connection to the Google ecosystem is only a way to boost the app’s popularity further. However, it does have its fair share of issues. In the past year, it introduced or, instead, pushed its new Tab groups onto its users without being able to let them choose to opt-out.

    It appears to be jumping at the intrusiveness level again. You’ll get bombarded by irrelevant results from your mobile device’s trending search engine on Google’s home page. Do not confuse these results with the trending results of a search based on suggestions.

    Many individuals may appreciate this information as it helps them stay up to date on the latest happenings that are taking place around the globe. However, the feature ‘Trending Searches’ can be a hindrance for some users.

    How to Fix If You Can’t Remove Trending Searches

    However, users have often reported that they cannot eliminate trending search results on Google. What can be done to resolve the issue? There are a few possible solutions that could fix the problem.

    Please restart your browser or device, delete any trending searches mentioned above, and log off.
    Remove the cache as well as cookies, and then upgrade Google Chrome.
    Block the search cookie. To do so, open a new tab, type chrome://settings/sync setup?search=autocomplete+searches+and+urlsin the address bar to open the search settings, and disable the option that sends cookies and searches from the address bar.
    Reset Chrome by going through Settings > Advanced > Reset Clean Up and restore settings to their default settings.

    How to Turn Off Trending Searches and Google Autocomplete

    In this article, we’ll walk you through how to deactivate Google popular searches and Google Autocomplete through the mobile browser, Google app, or on a computer. We’ll also discuss how to halt personalized and related results for the search.

    Turn Off Trending Searches in Chrome on Android

    Open the Chrome browser and click on your Profile image at the top of your display.
    Click on Google services in the You and Google section.
    Find the Autocomplete search and URLs option.
    Turn off the toggle to block Google’s popular search results.

    How to Turn Off Trending Searches on Any Other Browser?

    If you’re using any other browser than Chrome and Safari and would like to turn off Google Trends, Here’s how to accomplish it.

    1. Start Google using your country-specific URL.
    2. Click on the three horizontal lines icons in the top left corner.
    3. Scroll down to the reveal Settings option.
    4. Scroll down, and select auto-complete for popular searches.
    5. Click on the Don’t show popular searches.
    6. Next tap Save.
    7. When you make changes, you must relaunch your browser.

    Note That there will not be suggestions for Google Trends anymore.

    How To Turn Off Google Chrome Trending Searches Feature Through Windows 10/11 Computer

    To disable Google Chrome, turn off the Google Chrome Trending Searches feature on your Windows PC, and follow the instructions below:

    • Open the Google Chrome Browser.
    • Now, type using your search box.
    • On the Google page of Google.
    • Click on the bottom left corner, and click Settings.
    • Choose from the Search settings.
    • Opening Search Settings on Google Chrome Browser
    • Find, Auto-complete and trending search section.
    • Select Don’t show popular searches and save the changes by clicking the Save button on the right.

    How can I prevent Chrome from showing search results that are trending?

    To prevent Chrome from showing search results that are trending To stop Chrome from conducting trending searches, go to the Chrome menu and click “Settings”. Go to the “Search engine” section and remove”Trending searches” option “Trending searches” option.

    How can I stop trending?

    In the upper-right corner of your feed, There’s a tiny button with three lines across it. Select that button, then remove the “Trending—”Trending” box.

    What’s the distinction between caches and cookies?

    The cache is a set of information on a computer to ensure it is accessible quickly. The data could be utilized to speed up the loading of websites or to save information that is frequently used. Cookies are tiny pieces of data stored on a user’s computer by the website. They track users’ activities on the site and store data like the user’s preferences.

    Wrapping Up

    The techniques I have mentioned are simple and easy to implement. It is only necessary to apply them when you want and based on your device. Many people use them and have suggested these methods to stop Chrome’s most popular search results.

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