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How To Turn Off Captions On Facеbook

    I found that Facebook auto-generated captions differ from subtitles on videos available on the platform. Additionally, the captions could include multiple captions and subtitles if the video is already captioned. Since Facebook lets users turn off and enable video close captions, I immediately switch to this setting to deactivate the possibility of making videos translate directly.

    Facebook auto-generated captions that appear in the upper right-hand corner of the video display “cc” in a square box. “cc” in the square box indicates that Facebook closed captioning is enabled “cc” in the square box signifies that Facebook closed captioning has been cultivated in the video. It can automatically create subtitles for the video, either with or without translation.

    In the context of this article, I’ll guide you on enabling Facebook auto-generated captions to videos in addition to Facebook live videos.

    How to Turn Off Auto-Captions on Facebook App on iPhone

    Whether you consider captions unneeded or prefer not to view videos with captions, Facebook allows you to tailor your viewing experience. In just a couple of steps, you can turn off auto-captions and watch videos on Facebook how you want to.

    For auto-captions to be turned off on the Facebook application for all video content that you watch on your iPhone, Follow these easy steps:

    • Start the Settings application for the iOS phone.
    • Scroll to the bottom, then click Accessibility.
    • Now, tap on Subtitles & Captioning.
    • Lastly, switch on and off the Closed Captions + SDH option.

    In the future, it’s possible to have an utterly caption-free experience using the Facebook app for your iPhone. When you’re watching a video or browsing through your news feed and want to regain control of captions, it is two taps away. Follow these steps once more to enable auto-captions should you need to allow them later on.

    What are the Auto-Generated captions on the Facebook application?

    The Facebook application provides automatically created captions for videos available on the platform. The captions created are intended to help you comprehend and understand the music included in the video to ensure a seamless watching experience.

    How to Turn Captions Off for Videos on Facebook

    This section will teach you how to turn off captions on Facebook for desktops and on iPads and iPhones.

    On Desktop:

    Step 1. Start Facebook using your internet browser.

    Step 2. Select The Your Profile icon in the upper left corner. Select the Settings and Privacy tab.

    Step 3. Step 3. Settings within the Settings and Privacy menu.

    Step 4. Step 4. On the Settings page, Scroll down until you see the Videos option, and then press it to open Videos Settings.

    Step 5. Step 5. Go to the Always Show Captions tab, select the drop-down menu, and select off.

    It is also possible to adjust the default quality of your video or video volume, among the like. Facebook will save all any changes made.

    In the iPhone/iPad

    Step 1. Start the Settings app on your phone, then select your General option.

    Step 2. Click the Accessibility button and scroll down to select Subtitles & Captioning.

    Step 3. Press the button beside closed Captions plus SDH to turn off video captions.

    How Do I Turn Off Auto Closed Caption?

    There’s no definitive answer to this query because it will differ depending on the gadget or application you’re employing. Some general guidelines include checking your device’s settings in your software or looking for a location or button with the words “closed caption” or “subtitles.” If you’re having problems, refer to your device’s user manual or software’s user guide.

    How To Turn Off Live Captions On Facebook

    Live captions available on Facebook could be an excellent option for those who are blind or difficult to hear or for those who like to read the video. Some users might consider them annoying or unneeded and prefer to shut off the captions. Here’s how you accomplish this:

    • Begin by opening the Facebook application on your device.
    • Choose the video you’d like to switch live captions off and begin watching it.
    • As the video is playing, tap on the icon with three dots on the upper right edge of the screen.
    • In the drop-down menu, choose “Turn off captions.”
    • If you’re looking at a Facebook Live video and want to switch off the captions for live videos, you can accomplish this by pressing the “…” icon that is located at the bottom of the screen and choosing “Turn off live captions.”
    • That’s it! Live captions will now be removed from the film you’re viewing. If you’d like to bring them back, follow the exact instructions and choose “Turn on captions” or “Turn on live captions.”

    It’s crucial to know that most videos posted on Facebook include live captions. If you do not see an option to switch off captions, captions aren’t available for the video you’re watching.

    How to Turn on Subtitles in Facebook Videos on Android

    If you’re watching Facebook videos with your Android phone, make sure you take these steps to learn how to enable subtitles for Facebook videos:

    • Install the Facebook application for your Android device if you have already done this but still need to.
    • Click on the Settings icon located on the home screen of your phone to access the settings on your Android phone settings.
    • Open the Accessibility Option’ within the Settings menu.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the screen until you find the Cations tab of the menu for Accessibility.
    • Select ‘Captions’, then flip the switch on.
    • It is now possible to enable captions and subtitles on Facebook videos you view on your Android smartphone.
    • Disabling subtitles on Facebook videos on different devices

    Modifying the settings on your device for iOS

    To turn off the captions that auto-generated automatically, You must install the Facebook app to the iPhone or iPad as this option can only be used with the Facebook app. It does not work for the web version.

    • Start the app ‘Settings’ for your smartphone or tablet. Click on Accessibility, then click the ‘Settings’ button.
    • After that, you can click on Subtitles & captioning’.
    • When you have opened this section, switch the toggles on the right side of all activated features.

    Change the settings on your device to Android.

    Similar steps should be followed for Android devices, too. You must ensure that you are running the Facebook application downloaded, as this procedure will work only on the app and not for the web version.

    • Start the Settings app on your mobile, and look for the Accessibility section.
    • In the Accessibility section, Click on Subtitles.
    • Switch the toggle in the middle of ‘Turn Off Device subtitles.’ Your captions will immediately be removed from Facebook.

    In Conclusion

    According to your requirements, You can switch off or on Facebook subtitles for videos with just a couple of steps. Follow these steps so that you will have captions whenever you require them, and then turn them off at any time you’d like to.

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