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How To Switch Accounts On Discord Mobile On Android

    iOS and Android Discord apps don’t allow switching between several Discord accounts. You can get around this limitation by connecting to an account with the Discord mobile browser and then another account in the Discord application. Another option is to make copies of your Discord application, each clone containing a different account.

    How to Switch Between Accounts on Discord

    The procedure is identical if you use the Discord desktop or web application. However, before you can begin with the steps, first make sure you can set up both Discord accounts because you must start a new one with both accounts.

    • If you do not have a second account, start by opening the Discord Register page. Input your email address username, user username, password, and birth date. After that, click Continue to set up your account.
    • Then, open Discord on your desktop or browser. If you’re not signed in to Discord with your primary account, sign in with your primary account.
    • Click the Avatar icon next to your username in the lower left corner.
    • The menu will open, and you can hover over to the Switch Accounts choice.
    • Select Manage Accounts from the menu under it.
    • Then, in the pop-up window, click Add an account.
    • Input your second account by phone or email and your password. Once done, click on Continue.

    You should now be signed in to another Discord account. If you want to change to other Discord accounts, select Avatar, click Switch Accounts, and choose the account you wish to change to a menu. Once logged in, you’ll be connected directly to that account and will not need to input the login credentials again.

    If you want to delete the account, click the Avatar, then hover over to the Switch Accounts opportunity. From the menu, choose the chance to Manage Accounts.

    Then, in the pop-up window, select the three dots menu icon next to the account you’d like to delete and then select Logout to eliminate the Discord account.

    Switching between accounts in Discord Mobile?

    Like desktops, Discord’s capability to transfer accounts isn’t accessible via the mobile app. However, you can access Discord on a mobile device for the same function.

    • You can open Discord on your browser. If you still need to log into it, it’s time.
    • Like on the desktop, click the profile icon and choose Switch Account.
    • Then click Add Account. Login to your secondary Discord account.

    Now that you’ve successfully created a new account, you can effortlessly switch between your Discord accounts. However, Discord on the mobile browser doesn’t provide an enjoyable experience. Its UI needs to be more scalable on certain websites, and pop-ups occasionally need to be fixed, or you might experience some other problems.


    Do you allow more than two Discord accounts with an identical email address?

    Discord has the option to permit numerous accounts with the same email address.

    Creating different email addresses for an additional Discord account is necessary.

    Do the terms of service bar several accounts?

    According to the Discord Terms of Service, we have no problem with numerous accounts.

    However, if you abuse any account or use Discord tools, Your account might be removed.

    What happens to notifications in the event of numerous Discord accounts together?

    When there are diverse Discord accounts within the same platform (either through different browsers or different versions of the application), you’ll get notifications from all of them when you’ve turned on notifications for each.

    It could be difficult to identify which account the notice is a part of without looking at each one.

    What is the reason someone would need a diverse Discord account?

    An individual might be interested in several Discord accounts for various reasons.

    Separation between Work and Personal Life: Some individuals prefer using accounts for their work-related and personal matters.

    Professional use Gaming: Gamers may be able to have one account dedicated to their gaming groups and a different account to use for skilful networking or for another purpose.

    Privacy: Some users may wish to keep an individual account with only intimate family members and friends but also have a public account to access larger servers or interact with the public.

    Accounts for Personas or Roleplaying People in community groups that play roleplay prefer having separate accounts for every character or persona they choose to play.

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