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How to summon horse elden ring?

    The Elden Ringworld is much larger than any FromSoftware ventures in the past. Even with all the checkpoints at every turn, it wouldn’t make sense to traverse this vast landmass alone. We will show you how to get the horse in Elden Ring and let you know if it can die.
    One of many games that were created when their worlds expanded in the same way as other games are the solution: a mount. A mount, or in Elden Ring’s instance, a spectral horse, will be your trusted companion on this long journey.

    The Elden Ring experience truly is a magnificent one. You can open a portal to a vast world in just five minutes. As you advance, the map gets bigger and better.

    You would run for hours if there weren’t a faster way to get around all that territory. You can summon a horse to speed you along, which you can get very early.

    How to summon the horse from Elden Ring

    The Spectral Steed Torrent can be unlocked by players visiting Sites of Grace – glowing, golden, and bonfire-like checkpoints – in the explorable world of Elden Ring. Most players will unlock the horse after they reach the Gate front Ruins Site Of Grace. We recommend following the light trail once you are out there to get there as quickly as possible.

    Some confusion has resulted from the fact that you must find a Melina character to obtain the horse. FromSoftware has the official instructions on how to do this:

    “Note: Melina will be appearing at multiple predetermined Sites of Grace in addition to [the Gatefront Ruins], so if you explore other areas, you might encounter her first.”

    When you meet her, she will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle. This can be used to summon Elden Ring’s horse at any moment. It can be found in your Key Items and equipped in the Equipment menu. It can be placed in your extra storage pouches, keeping it separate from your Quick Items. It can be used to summon or desummon Torrent the horse below you instantly.

    How to get a horse at Elden Ring

    You must visit Limegrave’s Gate Front Site of Grace to acquire Torrent. It is located just west of Gate front Ruins. These lead to Margit, the Fell Omen, who will be your first boss. You can interact with Melina at the Site of Grace to receive the Spectral Seed Whistle. This is the item that summons Torrent.

    This item should be kept handy so that you can use it quickly when needed. Go to the Equipment menu and then to Quick Items. Select an empty slot to assign this Spectral Seed Whistle.

    Using the Spectral Seed Whistle will instantly make your character appear atop the horse. This means you don’t need to do any additional button inputs to mount Torrent. It is very easy, and you can do it in almost any area outside. You can’t ride Torrent in dungeons, castles, or any other interior section.

    Use the Spectral Seed Whistle again to dismount your horse. You’ll see your horse disappear and be back on your feet. You can also click on the left stick to dismount. This causes your characters to jump off rather than slowly climb down. This is a more efficient way to dismount, especially if you have an enemy nearby.

    How to heal health and revive horses in Elden Ring

    There is a good chance that your horse will sustain damage from bosses or other enemies. You can use a Flask full of Crimson Tears to revive Torrent if it dies. As mentioned above, you can refill your Flask at a Site of Grace. This is helpful for Torrent if they need it.


    It will be easier to summon other players in Elden Ring.
    Multiplayer is an important component of Elden Ring. It allows you to summon other players for help. We have a detailed multiplayer guide covering all the necessary information, but here’s a quick overview.

    Furlcalling Finger Remedy is an item that can be used to summon players. This will allow you to see the summoning signs of other players on the ground. This is not a once-only item. You must use this item every time you summon players. Using the Tarnished Furled finger, you can also leave your summoning signal on the ground.

    Is it possible for horses to sustain fall injuries in Elden Ring?

    Although technically, your character and Torrent both take fall damage, Elden Ring is quite forgiving. You and your horse will likely die if you try to fall very deep.

    Torrent has a double jump that you can use before you touch the ground to soften your landing. Although this is not always an option, it is something you should keep in mind when you do need it.

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