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how to slow down a video on iphone

    If you’re looking to increase the Speed of a slow-motion movie or boost a classic film’s quality, it’s simple to do it using your iPhone using apps like Photos and iMovie applications. We’ll guide you through the complete process of speeding up.

    To change your slo-mo videos’ Speed, you’ll use your iPhone’s built-in Photos app. To boost a regular video’s Speed, you can use the free iMovie application on your smartphone.

    The built-in video editor with the Photos app is straightforward and adequate for most users to perform basic editing like cutting and applying filters. But the Photos application isn’t capable of enhancing or reducing video speeds, which is precisely why you’ll require an advanced option. Mobile video editing apps for devices have seen a significant improvement over the past few years, providing users with access to sophisticated tools such as adding transitions, combining multiple clips, speeding them up, and many more. Contrary to most third-party apps, Apple’s iMovie application allows video editing to be easy for those new to the field.

    Can you regulate your Speed in a time-lapse?

    It’s currently no native feature that comes with an iPhone with default settings that allow users to control the rate of Time Lapse videos. However, if you’ve bought a brand new device, then it’s likely that iMovie is already installed on your phone.

    iMovie is Apple’s no-cost, comprehensive video editor capable of altering the length of your recorded time-lapse videos.

    You can utilize a third-party program to speed up your time lapses if you’d prefer. Read the following section to guide you through the procedure.

    How to Speed Up/Slow Down a Video on an iPhone using iMovie (iOS app)

    iOS users are familiar with iMovie and perform basic editing on iPhones without downloading or installing any other third-party software. If you’re looking to boost or decrease the Speed of your videos on your iPhone but need to know what to do using iMovie, then you should check out the iMovie guide below.

    Step 1: Launch the iMovie app and then open your project.

    Step 2: Tap the iPhone clip on the timeline, and it will reveal the inspector.

    Step 3. Click the Speed button on the top.

    Step 4. Drag the slider bar to the right towards the rabbit-shaped icon to increase the Speed of the Video, or drag the slider left until it reaches the turtle-shaped icon, reducing the Speed of your iPhone video.

    The 5th step: click Finish and select Save as HD 1080p as well as 720p, 540p and 360p, as per your requirements.

    * 2X is twice faster as the standard Speed. 1/2x is 2x slower than the average Speed.

    How to speed up/slow down Video on iPhone using FilmoraGo

    FilmoraGo is a compelling video editing application extensively used to speed up the Speed of Video iPhone. Since it’s an application for editing videos, it has various unique user features. With this application, you can accelerate or slow down the Speed of a video on an iPhone and make PIP effects, music effects and more. The app’s intuitive interface allows you to understand what you can do to increase the Speed of iPhone 5s videos and older models of the iPhone.

    Learn how to speed up a video on iPhone or speed up iPhone videos using FilmoreGo.

    Tips to speed up or slow down the Speed of your film with FilmoraGo:

    1. Import the Video.

    Download and launch the FilmoraGo video editor application. Select import and then select your preferred Video.

    2. Adjust the speed control.

    Then, click the ‘Speed Control to alter how fast the movie plays. The audio that is included within the clip will be adjusted accordingly.

    Step 3. Export and save.

    Last but not least, save and save the video file to your iPhone or other social media platform.

    Slow Motion VIDEO FX

    Slow Motion Video FX is a fully featured application that will help you create slow-motion or fast-motion videos. There’s a free one that supports ads and a premium version. The app is straightforward to use:

    Press the Record button to record an entirely new video or add videos from your media gallery.

    Select the option to slow your Video.

    Save the results to the media library. The original Video will be preserved unchanged.

    Overall, Slow Motion Video FX is an app that you can enjoy. Could you not take it too seriously? To get more professional editing, you’ll need Videoshop.

    Make changes to the Speed at which video playback is played on iPhone using Filmorago.

    Apart from the video editor application is also available. Filmorago Video Editor to adjust the Speed of your Video on iPhone. Launch this video editor. Click on Make New Video and then click Video. Add Video from your Camera Roll into the editor for Video.

    On the right-hand side of the video viewer, You will find themes Music, Themes, Transitions and other options within this horizontal bar. Swipe left to open additional options, and then choose Edit Tools.

    In the next step, you can view a toolbar below to locate the trim clip, filter overlays and titles, and elements: volume, speed duplicate, rotation and more. If you tap Speed, you’ll be able to view all the preset video speeds you can select, including Slowest(1/4X), Slower(1/2X), Slow(3/4X), Normal Speed, Fast(2X), Faster(3X), Fastest(4X).

    To change the playback speed of your Video, you could play the movie using the viewer and then pause it when you reach the starting point. Then, click the video speed at the bottom. You will see that the remainder of the Video changed to the new play speed. Play the Video until you reach the final point or frame. Then, select Normal Speed to set the remaining video portion to average Speed. You can also choose another play speed and repeat the process to change the various parts of the same Video at different playback speeds. You can combine average Speed, slow motion, and fast Speed in the same clip.

    How to Make Freeze Frames

    Do you want to stop a movie with a single frame? It’s now possible by using a freeze-frame. This technique lets you hold the pause button in the video file, ensuring that viewers will see a static video.

    Step 1

    Start the iMovie application and put the playhead on the frame where you wish to stop the Video. The point will be highlighted with a horizontal white line.

    Step 2

    Click “Modify” and then click “Add Freeze Frame.” The frame in the playhead position will now be frozen for 3 seconds.

    Step 3.

    Dragging the ends along the edges of the clip could shorten or lengthen the clip. It is important to note that the frame doesn’t include audio. After editing, you can save the edited Video to your camera roll or to social networks.

    Slow, Fast, Slow

    Slow Fast Slow is an application with simplicity as its most vital point. It lets you alter the Speed of the Video (slowing the Speed or slowing it up) and straightforwardly does this by selecting the Video you want you want to perform, then moving the indicator on the timeline to choose which parts to modify and how they should be edited, and that’s it.

    The other thing you must emphasize is that the application is free, doesn’t use watermarks, and doesn’t include in-app purchases. It just consists of a button on the left-hand side that will allow you to access the developer store, where you can purchase a tablet stand, notebook and other items.

    However, to install Slow Fast Slow on your iPhone, All you need to do is go to the page for the application on the App Store (you can follow the hyperlink I provided you earlier), Click on the link Ottieni or Installa and confirm your identity using Face ID, Touch ID or password on the account Apple.

    You can quickly speed up or slow Down Videos on iPhones can be used to speed up or slow down video iPhone.

    You can alter how fast you play videos using your iPadOS/iOS device. As I said, the stock photos apps and iMovie can meet the basic requirements. However, if you’d like to alter the Speed and have more control, third-party applications may suit your needs. Let us know your preferred method, and share your thoughts in the comment below.

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